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  1. EASTCONN ADULT SERVICES Working With Your Workforce Board Richard Tariff, Director, Adult Programs Suzanne Cimochowski, Assistant Director, Adult Programs

  2. Agenda • History of EASTCONN’s workforce board partnerships • The Key • Funding • Program Comparison Example • Our Programs • What Can You Do? • Questions

  3. History • 1998 Welfare to Work program contract • 1999 TANF case management contract • 1999 WIA Out of School Youth contract • 2006 Collaborative WIA Out of School Youth contract • 2006 Collaborative JFES Intensive contract • 2006 Subcontractor for TANF case management contract • 2009 Collaborative Education Refresher contract at CTWorks East

  4. History cont’d • 2009 cont’d 21st Century Customer Service workshop ARRA Summer Youth Program • 2010 Collaborative Basic Skills Math workshops at CTWorks East • 2011 Collaborative workshops at CTWorks East: Surviving Tough Times Foundations of Algebra Adult Learners Guide to College Success Foundations of Reading and Writing

  5. History cont’d • 2012 CT Conservation Corp • 2013 JFES I-BEST Pilot with EWIB and Workforce Alliance • 2013 Storm Sandy National Emergency Grant Subsidized Employment

  6. The Key • The key to successfully working with the WIB is to realize that their needs are very different from our traditional adult education funders – local towns and the SDE.

  7. The Key • From EWIB RFP: • SELECTION OF SERVICE PROVIDERS • The primary consideration in selecting entities to deliver services shall be the demonstrated effectiveness of that entity in delivering COMPARABLE services based on past performance. Performance factors shall include attainment of performance goals, costs, quality of training, and participant target groups. No bidder shall receive funds that duplicate services already available in the Eastern CT Workforce Investment Area.

  8. What Does This Mean • This means we need to look at how we can meet their needs, not how we can fit what we are already doing into what they want. • And it means they are not going to give us additional money for programs that we already offer.

  9. Funding • Their funding often comes from the Department of Labor and not the Department of Education. • DOL focus is employment • SDE focus is education Not mutually exclusive, but different goals and outcomes

  10. What is the Difference?

  11. Comparison

  12. What is different? • Workforce Board funding can serve both those with and without a high school diploma • Stipends • Workforce Board funding often is for a very specific population (i.e. JFES, WIA, age sepcific) • Minimum hours/week for some programs • It is possible to combine Workforce Board funding with other funding (i.e. SDE) to serve more adults (i.e. those with a diploma) • They often get new funds during the year (i.e. JFES I-BEST). Once you are their contractor, they can award you new programming without an RFQ process

  13. More Differences • Contracts, not grants • Often have reduction in funding midyear • Some programs’ classes can’t be cancelled • Workshops can be cancelled if minimum enrollment isn’t met. If workshop is cancelled, we don’t get paid! • Recruitment • Some have annual monitoring

  14. What Can You Do? • Attend your workforce board’s board meetings • Visit their website regularly • Get on their distribution email list • Meet with your CTWorks Business Services team member • Find out who else is already collaborating with them


  16. OUR PROGRAMS JFES Intensive

  17. OUR PROGRAMS National Emergency Grant (Storm Sandy)

  18. OUR PROGRAMS Airline Trail

  19. CT WORKS WORKSHOPS 21ST Century Customer Service

  20. CT WORKS WORKSHOPS Education Refresher

  21. CT WORKS WORKSHOPS Basic Skills Math

  22. CT WORKS WORKSHOPS Surviving Tough Times


  24. JFES I-BEST Workforce Alliance

  25. Working with Your Workforce Board • Questions? • Contact information: Rich Tariff Director of Adult Programs 860-455-1562 rtariff@eastconn.org Suzanne Cimochowski Assistant Director of Adult Programs 860-455-1596 scimochowski@eastconn.org