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Care Plan (CP) Meeting 90 minutes PowerPoint Presentation
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Care Plan (CP) Meeting 90 minutes

Care Plan (CP) Meeting 90 minutes

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Care Plan (CP) Meeting 90 minutes

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  1. With meeting discussion notes To join the meeting: Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270Participant Passcode: 943377# WebExlink (thanks to Canada Health Infoway): Care Plan (CP) Meeting 90 minutes André Boudreau ( Laura Heermann Langford ( Stephen Chu ( 2012-04-11 Laura to lead *Care Plan wiki: HL7 Patient Care Work Group

  2. Agenda- April 11th (Lead: Laura) • Review EHRS FIM activity model work: business flow and rules (Steve Hufnagel) – deferred • Review Care Plan BPMN: Chronic Care Care Plan (Luigi) • Review and augment draft of requirements (André) • Coordination of care- deferred • Care management matrix - deferred • Analyze a few past meetings • Next meeting agenda

  3. Participants- Meetg of 2012-04-11 p1

  4. Participants- Meetg of 2012-04-11 p2

  5. Care Plan DAM Modeling • Luigi

  6. BPMN Model (Luigi) • Last Meeting: Luigi presented the business process model (BPM) for encounters C and D of the Chronic Condition Care Plan storyboard (SB), and adjusted the model live with other members • See updated versions of the 4 encounters BPM in pdf on the wiki • BPM CC Encounter A and B- Primary Care Physician Initial Visit 2012-03-28.pdf • BPM CC Encounter C and D - Hospital Admission and Follow-Up Visit 2012-03-28.pdf • Based on Luigi’s work and the discussion, some adjustments should be made to the SB • Next step: Luigi will complete the BPM of the Home Care SB. There are many similar patterns in the SBs and we may decide to have a single BPM for all the SB. • Class Model • NHS has provided us with a copy of the CONTSYS conceptual model and Luigi has integrated that information into our EA work to facilitate reusability where relevant • We also have started to build a Glossary for our terms • This will continue in parallel to our BPM work • Today: • Review of BPM of the Chronic Care SB • Discussion re: • Meaning of the class diagram elements, specifically around the provider • Getting access to HTML and PDF versions for review offline and out of meetings • Next time: • Look at additional (Home Care) storyboard in model form • Have more information regarding the class model element definitions

  7. EHRS FIM on Immunization profile • Steve Hufnagel

  8. Discussion Notes • Last Meeting: Steve Hufnagel presented his information modeling work for the EHRS FM R2 IMMUNIZATION MAGAGEMENT PROTOTYPE • He highlighted the fact that the key patterns in the FM consist of encounters, event, lists, documents, registries • A lot of redundancies could be eliminated in the FM • However, other aspects could be added as the work continues for other parts of the FM • A concern mentioned was about the absence of patient and providers in the CIM • For the latest version of his deck, see the HL7 EHR Interoperability sub-WG wiki • • Version presented: • EHR-S_FIM_Immunization_Management_Prototype_Executive_Summary 20120315.pptx • This Meeting: Workflows • Not available for review. • Topic deferred until further notice.

  9. Requirements Andre Boudreau

  10. Discussion Notes • Have reviewed previous meetings • Is 1/3 thru capturing minutes into one document to do content analysis looking for requirements that have been stated • Have pulled the Care Provision and Care Provision Support items from the EHR FM into our document. • Will need to review other sections of the EHR FM as well – we are not confident all Care Plan related items are in the CP and CPS sections. (especially around interoperability/information exchange) • Target to use the May 2012 Version of FM for our review.

  11. Future Meetings • Conference calls between now and May 2012 – see wiki 90 min., Wednesday 5-6:30pm US Eastern, fortnightly (every 2 weeks) Starting Feb. 1st Webex supplied by Canada Health Infoway

  12. Next meeting Agenda- April 25th (Lead: Laura) • Review Model (Luigi) • Review Business Process Model (BPM) for Home Care storyboard • Review of the class diagram elements and their “meanings” • Stephen Hufnagel agenda items • Review Care Coordination Requirements (Andre) • Plan on meeting May 9th (usual time) – (Laura to lead) • Plan agenda for F2F – Thursday, May 17th 0900-1030- need to clarify with Stephen Chu/William Goossen • Vancouver F2F Meeting • Updates on Progress • Storyboard completion (needing completion of Acute Care) • Information Model • Draft of Requirements • Later: • Work done in Manitoba regarding specific care paths and referrals. The care plan is included in their process. (Published on the Infoway Forum). Andre’ will schedule a time with her and ask how best for us to prepare for her presentation. • Discussion - Use of the term: “Plan of care” for work done by MD’s, and “Care Plan” used by nursing and all other ancillary folks.

  13. Appendix

  14. Status of 7 SBs – 2012-03-14

  15. Last updated: 2011-02-09 HDF- Domain Analysis Overview Source: HDF_1.5.doc, page 37