Mother's Day
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Mother's Day. Mom I Love You So Much. Ah, mother Shu Ting

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Mother s day

Mother's Day

Mom I Love You So Much

Ah, mother

Shu Ting

You pale fingers straightened my hair, I couldn't help but like childhood as tightly pull your skirt. Ah, mother, in order to retain your gradually fading figure, although the put the dream cut into a wisp of smoke, I did not open my eyes. I still cherish the red scarf, for fear of wash will lose you unique warm.

Ah, mother

May 11, 2014 Sunday. Mother's Day is a holiday to thank his mother. This festival first appeared in ancient Greece; the modern mother's Day originated in American, is the second Sunday in May every year. On this day mothers usually receive gifts, carnation is regarded as the flowers to my mother, and China mother lily flower flower, also known as nepenthes.


Mom, where are you, where is the happiest place!

妈妈,您在哪儿, 哪儿就是最快乐的地方!

Mom, today is mother's day, I want to say to you: "Mom, I love you."


Thank you for your! I stumbled in, you've been there for me. Today is your festival, I sincerely wish you a happy holiday!