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Food for thought have Lunch! PowerPoint Presentation
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Food for thought have Lunch!

Food for thought have Lunch!

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Food for thought have Lunch!

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  1. Food forthoughthave Lunch! GrammarSchool, Česká 64, České Budějovice 20 October 2014

  2. Czech republic

  3. České budějovice

  4. Grammarschoolčeská

  5. Czech cuisine • Itis not exactly a synonym forhealthycooking, but everybodywillprobablyfindsomedishes to love,evenifthosetend to behigh in calories, fat and sugar. TypicalCzech Dishes • SOUPS • A Czech lunch oftenstartswith a soup. Somepopular Czech soups are: Sauerkrautsoup Potatosoup Garlicsoup

  6. MAIN COURSE • Themaincourseusuallyconsistsofmeat and a sidedish. The most popularkindsofmeat are chicken and pork , followed by beef , oftenservedwithsomekindofsauce. Forexamplebeefsirloinwithdumplings and vegetablecreamsauce. • Whenyoulikesweetdishesyoumust taste Fruit-filleddumplings (fruitswrapped in dough, boiled, and servedwithsugar, groundpoppyseeds, cottage cheese and meltedbutter). Evenbeefgoulashis a typicaldishwhichyoucanorder in localpubs.

  7. SideDishes • The most common Czech sidedishes are: • Boiledpotatoes • Mashedpotatoes • Breaddumplings • Potatodumplings • Potatosalad • DESSERT • WewouldrecommendyouCrepes, called„palacinky“ in Czech ,filledwith jam orfruit such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and others. • Anothertypical desert isHoneycakeor Apple strudel, whichourgrandmothersused to make a long time ago… • Althoughthiscookingisn’t so much healthy, itisdevilishlydelicious and itisworthsampling. Dumplings PotatoSalad Pancakes Tiramisu Strudel

  8. Nikola Brůžková 2.A Nikola Kaislerová 2.A

  9. Dining (fine dining) • Dining is summary of formal rules, order tableware and table preparation. It almost contains the rules of correct behaviour. • All of dishes have to be systematically put in order for practical cleaning the table according to succession of dish. • The basis is a big plate intended for the main course. At this plate lies soup plate. The cutlery is put down in the order externally. The fork lies left, the knife and the soup spoon right. The glass is set just above the blade. The dessert plate is placed on the left. • If there is an appetizer, then there is an appetizer plate instead of a soup plate and the cutlery lies above the plate complex. • A simply folded napkin is placed on the plate or left next to the plate. • The contemporary ethic of dining is not as strict as of fine dining, which used to be a norm. But there are still some of the rules, which do not change and we should keep following them

  10. Setting the table The saucer The glass is set just above the blade. The folded napkin- placed on the plate or left next to the plate. The soup plate The flat plate The fork lies left, the knife and the table spoon right

  11. Here are some of them: • The women seat ahead of men. • When you sit down to the table, put a cloth napkin on your lap. Paper left next to the plate. • We start to eat the time the most respectable person starts eating. • Leaving the table during eating is impolite • Lay only your hands on the table, not the elbows. • When you eat soup, never blow the soup in the spoon and neither stir the soup, but wait for a while until it cools. • When you finish eating, place your knife and fork on the plate parallelly, but if you want to continue, place your cutlery crossed. • Before having a drink wipe your mouth with a napkin. • If pastry is served, don’t bite neither cut it, but break little pieces off. • Never use a toothpick when sitting at the table. • If you spill your drink during the meal or a piece of food dropped on the floor, etc.., try to ask the waiter discreetly to fix this unpleasant accident. • It is very important to know at least some of this advice because dining should be perceived as a social event and the way how we behave at meals tells a lot about us.

  12. Lucie Krejčová 2.A Klára Studená 2.A

  13. Ourschoolcanteen • Weusually go to theschoolcanteenfor lunch afterschool. Ourschoolislocated in thenear distance fromourschool. Not onlystudents but eventheteachersfromourschoolhave lunch there.Thereis a choiceoftwomaincourseseveryday. In advancewecanchoosethemeal on the Internet orright in thecanteenwecan use chips to choosethedish. There are servedsoups and soft drinks. Priceofthe lunch isavailable, only30CZK (about 1Euro). Food isalwayswell-prepared and tasty. It’sbetterthan in most othercateens in the Czech Republic.Lunches are prepared in accordancewithcertainstandards and therefore, itshouldbehealthy. Theyincludefish, vegetable, legumes. Itiasimplywell-balanced. The food istasty. Meals are issuedattwopointsdepending on thechoiceSometimesyoumustqueue. • Youmusttake a knife and a fork and just clikyourcardThereis a friendlyatmosphere in schoolcanteen. Ourcooks are nice and to getthedish. Food fromthem are not rippedoff. Wealwayslook forward for lunch timeafterschoolor lunch break and weenjoythetimewithourclassmates.

  14. Usuallythere are many people in ourcanteen but thereis no problem to find a free place.There are many tables and chaos there and studentscanfindthe place whereThekyeattheirmeals. Thisisourschoolcanteen. Itislocated not far fromourschool.Ittakesus ten minutes to getthere. Thisisthephotoofthe menu display wherewecanchoosethe food whichsuitsusbest.

  15. Thisisthe food whichwe had thatdaythephotowastaken-on Monday (lentils, smokedmeat and saurkraut). Like most studentswelike pizza. Wealwayslook forward to it , becauseitis very tasty. On therightyoucanseeourcanteencard. Kateřina Ševčíková 2.A Týna Kořínková 2.A

  16. Traditional Czech sweets • After a goodmealeverybodywantssomethinglike a sweetdot in the end. In the Czech Republic there are many sweetdishes, because Czech peoplepreferthat and love that. Maybethisisthereasonthatthepopulationofthe Czech Republic isobese. But stillwecan make incrediblesweets, no doubtaboutit. Forexample Pardubice gingerbread (thisis a type ofcake, usually very darkbrown and soft, whichisspicedwithginger ), ChocolateRolls and Carlsbadwafers. But thatisn’tall. Otherpopularsweets in theCzech Republic are buns, strudels, fruitpies, etc. They are servedservedwith hot teaorcoffee. • Thereis a questionforsomeparentswhosechildrenindulgesweetsif to givethemoneornot.Butfinallytheyalwaysreceivesomechocolate. It’sincrediblehow many companies in theworldmanufacturesweets. Don‘tbesurprisedthatkidswant to eatsweetseverydaywhenthey are surrounded by massiveadvertising. And whatś more in shopsgenerallythereis more place reservedforsweetsthanforhealthy food.

  17. ChocolateRolls Wafers Klára Sekyrová 2.A Veronika Sailerová 2.A

  18. Mushroomdishes • Czechs are keenmushrooms´ colllectors. Theypick up many differentvarietiesoffungi such as seenbelow. A favouriteoneismushroom„schnitzel“ withpotatoes and tatarsauce. Yousimplyslicethemushrooms and breadthem. Thenyoufrythem. These mushroomshavegotparticular taste, Theyspicethedishes. Czechs are very creative and cook plenty ofmushroomdishes. And pickledmushrooms are a realdelicacy!

  19. „Scrambledmushrooms“ are a really fast dinner. Yousimplyscramblepiecesofmushroomsseasonedwithcaraway and youmayaddeggs. Anothermushroomdishisdeliciousmushroomcreamsauce. Itisservedwithdumplings. There are many recipes, how to make it. Ifyoulikesoupsthenmushroomsoupwith potatoes, spice and vegetableistherightdishforyou. Barbora Kopecká 2.A Miroslava Šmýkalová 2.A

  20. Fast food • Fast food is a kindof fast diet, whichresults in a lot ofproblems such as obesity. Unfortunately, modern society whichsufferswith a lackoftime use fast foodsexcessively. Thiskindof catering doesn'ttake so much time , yet, itleads to anincreasingnumberof fast food consumers. • Fast food is not theinventionof 20th century. Institutionslikethisused to appear in theoldestcultureswhichlivedneartheMediterraneanSea. Thisjunk food revived in CaliforniabeforeWorldWar II. ItsfounderswereMcDonaldsbrothers, whose business iscurrentlywell-knownallarendtheworld. • Fast food contains a lot ofsugar, fat and salt. Thepreparationofthe food is not time-demanding, youmostlyfryit (forexamplefrenchfries and chicken). Unhealthydrinkswhichcontain a lot ofsugaralsobelong to fast foods. ForexampleCocaCola and many othersweetdrinks. Itistasty, but tastydoesn’tevermeanhealthy. Ifyouhavevisited fast food once, itwillhave no consequence. Excessiveeating in fast fooodsisblamedfor many diseases. Diabetes, cardiovasculardisorders, cancer and at last but not least obesity.

  21. In the Czech Republic theinterest in fast food has beengrowing. Last yeardoubledinterestwasrecorded. And it's not just a weaknessofteenagers - fast food isbeingindulged by more and more adults. Thisis not goodnewsforchildren. Iftheirparentseat in fast foods, theirdescendantswillprobablyadoptthe habit very quickly. • The Czech Republic, according to theexperts, is on the top in termsofoverweight. And fast foodswhichcanbeblamed. • Fast food is a resultofpeopleślaziness in order to puttheirlivesatease. However, peopledon’t care abouttheirhealth, in general. • Weonlyhave to believethatthiswillchange. Lucie Hornátová 2.A Eliška Kalinová 2.A

  22. Machinesfor food and drinks • Wechoseanissueregardingvendingmachinesfor food and drinkswhich are installed in ourschool. Theymostlycontain not very healthy food. ThesubjectofoursurveyisGrammarSchool Česká whichseatsthreemachinesfor food and drink. Slot formoney Thismachineis very popular in ourschool :D Buttonsforthechoiceoffood Givingthemoneyback Food dispenser Machineforchoclatebars Machinefor non-alcoholicdrinks Machinecaffeinedrinks

  23. Maybeyou are askinghowthe food and drinksgetintothemachines? In factitisprettysimple. As youcertainlyknow, the food doesn´thavefeet, so themachinemustbeoperatedby a human. Whenthesuppliesrun out, so then a suppliercomes to addsuppliesintothemachine and takeoutthemoney . • But thedistributed food and drinkscontribute to obesity. • Somestudents call foralteringtheofferedgoods but it has not markedanychange, yet. • In a nutshell, wehave to say, unfortunatelystudentsdon‘thavethepower to changeit. Weonly hope thatitwillimprovesoonand wewillhavethechance to pickfromhealthyitems, such as vegetable, fruits and milkproducts. Petr Paulath2.A Vojtěch Sládek 2.A

  24. Vegans and vegetarians • Ifyouhaverecentlystarted fading about vegetarián diets, youprobablyreadaboutallsortsofvegetarianism and terms as Vegetarian (ovo-lacto-Vegetarian, semi-Vegetarian) and Vegan. Let’stake a lookatwhatthetermsmean. • A vegetarianis a person whodoes not consumeanymeat, poultry, fish, orseafood. Vegetariansgetproteinsfromvegetable (forexample: Broccoli and Spinach) and eggs. Most vegetarians do not mind usingother animal-derivedproducts (eggs,milk). • (Ovo-lactoVegetarians are Vegetarianswho do not consumemeat, poultry, fish, and seafood, but do consumeeggs and milk. Thisisthe largem groupofvegetarians. • The term Semi-Vegetarianisusuallyused to describesomeonewhois a vegetarián whodoesn‘tconsumeanydairyproducts, eggs, chicken, and fish, but does not consumeother animal flesh. Theyconsumeonlysoyaproducts, vegetable and fruits. • Vegan isthe sub-categoryofvegetarians.Vegansdon’tkonsume anymeat, poultry, fish and seafood. But vegansdon’teateggs, milk, honey and anyproductsfromanimals.Vegansdo not wearanyclothing made from animal products. • Many celebrities, activists and politicians, artists, and sportsfiguresare on vegan orvegetariandiets.ForexamplesingerJaredLeto, Chris Martin fromCold play or Natalie Portman. • From my point ofweiwvegan and vegetarian diet istoohard. Your body miss proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. And all these productsyoudon’tfindin onlyvegetable. • Canyoube a vegan orvegetarian? Sára Švehlová 2.A