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Google Search Tips: Lesser Used Features PowerPoint Presentation
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Google Search Tips: Lesser Used Features

Google Search Tips: Lesser Used Features

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Google Search Tips: Lesser Used Features

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  1. Google Search Tips:Lesser Used Features By Robin Hartman, Associate Librarian Darling Library – Hope International University Adapted from “A Google Gambol” (Internet Librarian 2003) Greg Notess, Creator, Search Engine Showdown & Reference Librarian, Montana State University Updated by Bethany Ahlberg 7/30/07

  2. Lesser Used Features of Google • Define • Movie • Calculator • Numrange • Conversions • Preferences • Cache • Similar Pages • More results • Synonyms

  3. Basic Restoration Movement Search To change your search options from the default, go to the Preferences page.

  4. Preferences

  5. Change the language interface Limit results to a certain language Change filtering options Increase the number of hits per page Open search results in a new window Save preferences and then… Preferences let you:

  6. Language interface set to Spanish Hits per page changed to 50 Strict filtering turned on Results limited to Korean Restoration Movement Search with Preference Changes

  7. Cache

  8. Brings up the web page as it was at the time when Google indexed it. Find the Cache (Pronounced “kash”)

  9. Pages cached by Google include a notation of when and where the page was cached. Google also highlights your search terms wherever found in the text (not images) of its cached pages. A Cached Page

  10. Similar Pages

  11. Compares domains & delivers a short list of similar types of pages. Find the Similar Pages

  12. To search for results similar to a particular website, you can also type related:URL as shown.

  13. More Results

  14. Click on “More results from” to get those that are initially hidden from the results list. More Results Google doesn’t supply all of the relevant web pages for a search. It truncates results when numerous pages match from one site.

  15. To search for more results from a particular website, you can also type site:URL and keywords as shown.

  16. Synonyms

  17. Use a tilde (~) to search for terms synonymous with your term ~restoration will also bring up “preservation” Synonyms • Use either ~restoration ~movement or ~“restoration movement” to search using synonyms of both words.

  18. Define

  19. Enter define: and then the search term(s) Define

  20. Define Google provides definitions, gathered from various online sources.

  21. Movie

  22. Search for the details you remember. Movie Can’t remember specifics of a movie?

  23. Google might read your mind!

  24. Calculator

  25. First enter 9*5… …to get the answer 45. Then click on the link… …to get pages that have “9*5” in the text. Calculator

  26. Numrange

  27. Add two numbers separated by two periods, with no spaces, into the search box along with your search terms Numrange

  28. Google searches for results containing the given number range.

  29. Conversions

  30. Simply enter the terms of the conversion and click “Search”. Conversions Use for converting measurements or currency. Google calculates the conversion… …and lets you search for the phrase you entered.

  31. More Google Information

  32. All of these tips and more can be found on the About Google – Search page.


  34. Search Engine Showdown

  35. Search Engine Showdown • For in depth information on how Google and other web search engines work, go to Greg Notess’ Search Engine Showdown: The User’s Guide to Web Searching at

  36. See More Google

  37. See More Google • This is one of three presentations on Google Search Tips. Others include: • Lesser Used Features • Lesser Used Databases • Advanced Functions