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Forensic Special Populations Work Group

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Forensic Special Populations Work Group. Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services James S. Reinhard, M.D. Commissioner. Work Group Members. Virginia Association of Community Services Boards Virginia Sheriffs Association

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forensic special populations work group

Forensic Special Populations Work Group

Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services

James S. Reinhard, M.D. Commissioner

work group members
Work Group Members
  • Virginia Association of Community Services Boards
  • Virginia Sheriffs Association
  • Virginia Association of Regional Jails
  • Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Dept. of Criminal Justice Services
  • Supreme Court of Virginia
  • Virginia Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation & Substance Abuse Services
  • NAMI Virginia
  • Commonwealth’s Attorneys Service Council
  • Public Defenders Commission
  • The Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy
  • Office of the Attorney General of Virginia
dmhmrsas restructuring
DMHMRSAS Restructuring
  • Initiative based upon 20 year history of community-focused efforts in the Commonwealth
  • Develop a statewide system of community-based services
  • Decreased reliance on facility-based care
  • Use of planning with community Partners for developing innovative approaches
special populations agenda
Special Populations Agenda
  • Review statewide approach to treatment of individuals with MH and SA disorders having criminal justice system involvement
  • Consider state-of-the-art approaches to treatment with this group
  • Develop consensus on areas needing change
  • Formulate recommendations for Policy Advisory Committee
  • Work Group activity endorsed by SJR 81/2004
forensic work group goals
Forensic Work Group Goals
  • Prevention of unnecessary arrest, incarceration and prosecution of mentally ill citizens
  • Enhanced availability of community-based evaluation and treatment services, in lieu of hospitalization
  • Reduction/Elimination of waiting lists for necessary admissions to state MH facilities
  • Explore viability of jails as tx sites
work group tasks
Work Group Tasks
  • Identify approach or combination that best addresses the need for enhanced, timely service access
  • Set priorities for recommended program changes
  • Determine activities that must be accomplished: budgetary, legislation, MOAs, licensure, etc.
  • Integrate findings into report to the Policy Advisory Committee
sjr 97 behavioral healthcare subcommittee forensic work group common themes
SJR 97/Behavioral Healthcare Subcommittee & Forensic Work Group: Common Themes
  • Development of Jail Diversion approaches:
    • MH Courts
    • Crisis Intervention Teams
    • Cross-training for law enforcement and MH personnel
  • Improved Service Provision in Hospitals & Jails
    • Consideration of regionalized facilities for MH care
    • Address feasibility of sited or traveling MH tx teams
  • Enhanced Tx access on release from jail
basic approaches to change
Basic Approaches to Change
  • The Forensic Work Group has considered an array of diversion and system change components
    • Pre-arrest diversion
    • Pretrial diversion methods
    • Enhanced care during incarceration
    • Improved placement and aftercare
    • Cross-training of all agents in the system
three components to address in changing virginia system
Three components to address in changing Virginia system
  • Explore options for Jail Diversion
    • PACT; Crisis Intervention; Prearrest; MH courts
  • Improved access to inpatient care; Eliminate long wait times for admissions
    • Improved post-hospital services (jail or community)
  • Enhanced Jail-based services
    • Full on-site MH/SA programs; Therapeutic Communities; enhanced consultation; traveling teams, etc.
work group model programs
Work Group Model Programs
  • Henrico Co. Jail: (Sheriff Wade; Dr. Fox)
    • Innovative programs for offenders
    • Social Recovery approach to SA treatment
  • Montgomery Co. Crisis Intervention Team (Ms. V. Cochran, J.D.)
  • Chesterfield Day Reporting Center (G. Peterson; S. Vanbenschoten; N. Snead)