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OMSAN LOJİSTİK. Global Supply Chains & Procurement. Supply Chain Mapping. Procurement Planning. Measures. Supplier Integration. Supplier Rationalization. &. Goals. Make-Buy Analysis. P. PROCESSES. Supply. Supply. SUPPLY. Infrastructure. Workforce. PLANNING. Sourcing Planning.

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    2. Global Supply Chains & Procurement

    3. Supply Chain Mapping Procurement Planning Measures Supplier Integration Supplier Rationalization & Goals Make-Buy Analysis P PROCESSES Supply Supply SUPPLY Infrastructure Workforce PLANNING Sourcing Planning

    4. Global SourcingPotential Pitfalls Losing International Sourcing & Manufacturing Opportunities Delays and Losses in International Shipments & Collections Global Sourcing • Lost Shipments • Lost Vendors • Lost Payments • Lost Documents Lose International Market Share

    5. Where will your company’s sourcing occur in the next couple of years? Planning corporate growth strategy with the selection of locations for new business facilities and new areas of economic development Source: IDRC Survey of Corporate Purchasing Executives, 2003

    6. Supply Chain Performance Indicators & Goals Supply Chain Flows Customer Service & Supplier Integration Policy Definition Inventory Availability, Response Time, Returns, Unitizing & Packaging, etc. Supply Chain Operating Model Supply Chain Systems Requirements Supply Chain Organization Plan Supply Chain Integration Plan Global Procurement

    7. Supply Performance Measures Segmented Supplier Service Policy & Rationalization Supply Chain Integration Virtual Vertical Integration Supplier Measurement & Certification Vendor Managed Inventories Standard Replenishment Model with Tweak Electronic Order Entry via EDI or Internet EOQ Orders Consolidated Buys to Leverage Purchasing Power RYG Program Efficient Global Supply

    8. Supply Gap Analysis

    9. Global Supply Best PracticesProcesses

    10. Global Supply Best Practices:Processes

    11. Global Supply Best PracticesSystems and Organization Designs

    12. Is timely point-of-sale (point-of-consumption) information used to provide early warning of rapid shifts in demand? Are agreed upon, accurate demand forecasts used to "pull" products/services through the supply chain from raw materials through manufacturing to distribution to customers, in the right amounts and in the right assortments, when needed? Do major customers regularly provide their demand projections and plans for growth? Are major suppliers regularly provided with business plans and demand projections? Supply Chain Criteria/Test(From Hanes, A Sara Lee Company)

    13. Does purchasing, manufacturing, product flow, inventory and transaction information move seamlessly throughout the supply chain? Is there an electronic link (e.g.. for demand measurements, forecasts, automatic replenishment, electronic funds transfer) with all major customers? Is there an electronic link (e.g... for forecasts, automatic replenishment, manufacturing resource planning (MAP) transmitted as purchase order, electronic funds transfer) with major suppliers? Supply Chain Criteria/Test(From Hanes, A Sara Lee Company)

    14. Is there an electronic link (e.g. for load planning, negotiating rates, electronic dispatching, delivery acknowledgments, electronic fund transfer) with major carriers? Have service and performance measurements been implemented between each stage of the supply chain to monitor supply chain performance? Are supply chain processes coordinated and managed horizontally across the organization to minimize hand-offs and reduce cycle times? Supply Chain Criteria/Test(From Hanes, A Sara Lee Company)

    15. Incremental Inventory Reduction Continuous Replenishment Flow-through/Cross-dock GSCISteps Along the Way... • Less space • Reduced inventory investment • Reduced spoilage/aging • Improved service level • Further inventory reduction • Some process change with reduced labor expense • Significant process changes with reduced labor expense • Minimum inventory/space/labor costs • Maximum product freshness

    16. Five Steps to Global Supply Chain Integration ... • Forecasting based (push) ordering policies and replenishment concepts (As-Is) Stage 1 Traditional • Warehouse shipment based replenishment • Focus on small number of high volume, capable suppliers • Vendor replenishment pulled based on shipments CRP - I Stage 2 • Store demand based replenishment • Continued focus on a manageable number of suppliers • Vendor replenishment pulled based on aggregate customer P.O.S. information (or aggregate store orders) Stage 3 CRP - II • Inbound replenishment closely aligned to outbound orders • Some percentage of inbound volume immediately picked to outbound order staging (reverse picking) Stage 4 Flow-Through • Inbound replenishment exactly matches outbound orders • Supplier shipment to match actual customer order, or, • Full pallets in matched to full pallet order line out • Pre-distribution or pre-sold items, e.g. promos & ads Stage 5 Cross-Dock

    17. Retailer Streamlines Global Logistics Channels Overseas Supplier Consolidator/ Broker U.S. Transload Facility Company Distribution System Customer Overseas Supplier Pool Distribution Subassemblies Domestic Assembly Plant Predistribution Facility Vendor Dropship Program Current System System Options

    18. GM S Dry Grocery S S S S M&D S Produce S Frozen Consolidation & Cross-Dock Facility Delivery Frequencies &Transportation Design Remote Combo Consolidation? High Volume Inbound Shipments Central DC Full Truckload shipments, by commodity

    19. Global Sourcing: Where?

    20. Global Logistics Conditions

    21. Global Sourcing Criteria Cultural Logistics Logistics Cost Skilled Labor Financial Opportunities Purchasing Infrastructure Compatibility 2000s Logistics Business Conditions Conditions Political Conditions 1990s Financial Opportunities 1980s Manufacturing Cost 1970s 1960s Resource Availability

    22. Geography/Topography Communications Infrastructure Transportation Infrastructure Logistics Workforce Customs Regulations Logistics Service Providers Culture & Language Economic Model Economic Health & Stability Inflation & Currency Exchange Stability Political Stability Legal Framework Geo-Economics & Logistics

    23. Geo-Economic Systems 2000

    24. Transportation Documents Commercial Invoices Entry Manifest (Customs Form 7533) or Entry/Immediate Delivery (Customs Form 3461) Packing Lists Certificate of Origin (if applicable) Tariff Classification (HTSUS) Goods Valuation Determination of Origin Other Federal Agencies Requirements Duty Payment Import Requirements & Process

    25. Alcoholic Beverages Animals & Animal Products Certain Drugs Firearms and Ammunition Fruits & Nuts Meat & Meat Products Vegetables Milk, Dairy and Cheese Products Plants and Plant products Poultry & Poultry Products Petroleum & Derivatives Trademarked Articles Textiles Clothing Automobiles Boats Appliances Medical Devices License/Permit Required for Customs Clearance Subject to special standards, declarations, certification, marking or labeling requirements