joseph louis comte de lagrange n.
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Joseph-Louis Comte de Lagrange

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Joseph-Louis Comte de Lagrange. from the birth certificate: Giuseppe Lodovico Lagrangia 25 gennaio 1736 figlio di Giuseppe Francesco Lodovico e di Maria Teresa Gros ‏. to Euler in 1754. from the Tautochrone Problem. to maximizing and minimizing functionals.

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from the birth certificate:Giuseppe Lodovico Lagrangia25 gennaio 1736figlio di Giuseppe Francesco Lodovicoe diMaria Teresa Gros‏
from the tautochrone problem
from the Tautochrone Problem

to maximizing and minimizing functionals

euler and the calculus of variations
Euler and the Calculus of Variations

"with characteristic courtesy he withheld a paper

he had previously written, which covered some of the

same ground, in order that the young Italian might have time

to complete his work, and claim the undisputed

invention of the new calculus"

from Galletto. D, “The Genesis of Mechanic Analytique”

Atti Accad. Sci. Torino Cl. Sci. Fis. Mat. Natur. 126 (1992), suppl. 2

1757 societas privata taurinensis is founded


Mondovi, 1734


Torino, 1736


Conte di Monesiglio

Saluzzo, 1734

1757 “Societas privata taurinensis” is founded
giovanni battista beccaria
Giovanni Battista Beccaria

Mondovi, 1716 – Torino, 1781

benjamin franklin
Benjamin Franklin

Filadelfia, 1706 – Washington, 1790



Lorenzo Romano Amedeo Carlo

Avogadro di Quaregna e di Cerreto .

TORINO, 1776 - 1856

ascanio sobrero 1812 1888
Ascanio Sobrero (1812 - 1888)‏

The synthesis of nitroglycerine

1766 euler left berlin for saint petersburg and lagrange left turin for berlin

“I wish that the greatest king

in Europe has the greatest

mathematician in Europe

resident in his court.”

1766 Euler left Berlin for Saint Petersburg and Lagrange left Turin for Berlin
the analytical mechanics

The methods I am describing require

neither geometrical neither mechanical

constructions or reasonings

but only algebraic operations.

The Analytical Mechanics
1813 lagrange died and was buried in pantheon


Senator. Count of the Empire.

Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour.

Grand Cross of the

Imperial Order of Réunion.

Member of the Institute

and the Bureau of Longitude.

Born in Turin on 25 January 1736.

Died in Paris on 10 April 1813.

1813Lagrange died and was buried in Pantheon
the variational calculus

the principle of least action

the lagrangian function

the integration of time in a continuous space-time

Why his work was so important