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Worldview Beliefs about the world

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Worldview Beliefs about the world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Worldview Beliefs about the world. Ethic ● Moral principles ● Rules of conduct. Christian doctrine Teachings from the Bible (Doctrine → Ethics). Geisler Christian Ethics.

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Assumptions about the Bible● God’s revelation● Perfect (Carl F.H. Henry)● Topic addressed by God● Statements and principles
secular view of life only biological causes courts legislatures value by consensus technology
Secular view of life● Only biological causes● Courts, legislatures● Value by consensus● Technology
Christian view of life● God created all life● Each a unique creation● God’s image● Christ died for them● Scripture is guide
christian view of environment god said very good commanded to care people over planet specism
Christian view of Environment● God said “very good”● Commanded to care● People over planet (“specism”)
Christian view of Gender, Sexuality● God created● God’s Word: right, wrong (“sin”)● God’s plan: one man, one woman