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Vocabulary Week 1

Vocabulary Week 1

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Vocabulary Week 1

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  1. Vocabulary Week 1

  2. Word 1: Leap Def: To jump quicklySent: Joe leaped in the air to catch the ball.

  3. Word 2: MirrorDef: Glass surface that reflects an imageSent: The man looked in the mirror to comb his hair.

  4. Word 3: MopDef: Tool for cleaning floorsSent: His mom had to mop the floor after he spilled his milk.

  5. Word 4: DenDef: A cave where a bear or lion livesSent: The bear hid in his den when the hunters came by.

  6. Word 5: BlindDef: Unable to seeSent: The blind man had a dog to help him walk.

  7. Word 6: MachineDef: Device used to make somethingSent: His coffee machine was broke so he went to Starbucks.

  8. Word 7: HorribleDef: Really badSent: It was a horrible day after he fell down the stairs.

  9. Word 8: Polka dotDef: Pattern using circles / dotsSent: He always wore polka dotted shirts.

  10. Word 9: LuggageDef: Device used for carrying clothesSent: His luggage got lost in the airport.

  11. Word 10: MixDef: To combine into one thingSent: He forgot to mix the sugar so it stayed on the bottom of the glass.

  12. Word 11: NoticeDef: To suddenly see somethingSent: I notice that you forgot to give me a present.

  13. Word 12: ReporterDef: One who gathers news Sent: The reporter asked him many questions.

  14. Word 13: MosquitoDef: An insect that sucks bloodSent: The mosquito bit him on the nose.

  15. Word 14: RepeatDef: To do againSent: Can you repeat what you said, please.

  16. Word 15: MaleDef: Boy or man Sent: Is that a male or female dog?

  17. Word 16: MarketDef: Place that sells thingsSent: I buy fruit in the market next door.

  18. Word 17: MessyDef: Not clean and organizedSent: My desk is always messy, seriously!

  19. Word 18: CoyoteDef: A wolf-like animal of North AmericaSent: That coyote ate my chickens last night.

  20. Word 19: MagazineDef: Reading material that comes out weekly or monthlySent: I get a magazine on dogs every month.

  21. Word 20: Dawn Def: Time when sun comes up in the morningSent: I usually get up before dawn to study vocabulary words.

  22. Word 21: StirDef: To mix with a spoon or stickSent: I need to stir the soup.

  23. Word 22: MidnightDef: 12:00 at nightSent: I usually stay up past midnight studying vocabulary words.

  24. Word 23: EagleDef: A large bird that eats other animalsSent: The eagle ate the coyote that ate my chickens.

  25. Word 24: LonelyDef: Feeling sad with no friendsSent: I feel lonely when you are gone.

  26. Word 25: MaskDef: Object put on over the faceSent: I wear a mask to scare people.

  27. Word 26: StareDef: To look at with wide eyesSent: Stop staring at me and study your vocabulary words.

  28. Word 27: MeasureDef: To find the lengthSent: Can you measure my shoe size?

  29. Word 28: TractorDef: Machine used on a farmSent: The old man chased the dog in his tractor.

  30. Word 29: BreezeDef: A small and gentle windSent: The breeze felt good on the hot beach.

  31. Word 30: MatchesDef: Object used to start a fireSent: Can I have a match to start the fire.