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Statewide Criminal Justice System Plan 2007 - 2008

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Statewide Criminal Justice System Plan 2007 - 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Statewide Criminal Justice System Plan 2007 - 2008. Division of Planning, Policy and Research. Criminal Justice System (CJS) Plan.

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statewide criminal justice system plan 2007 2008

Statewide Criminal Justice System Plan2007 - 2008

Division of Planning, Policy and Research

criminal justice system cjs plan
Criminal Justice System (CJS) Plan

DCJS is charged to develop a comprehensive, statewide, long-range plan for strengthening and improving (law enforcement and) the administration of criminal justice throughout the Commonwealth and periodically update that plan (Code of Virginia §9.1-102.25).

department of criminal justice services role
Department of Criminal Justice Services’ Role
  • DCJS is assisting the Administration in developing policies and priorities for improving criminal justice in the Commonwealth and contributing to a safer Virginia.
  • This agency will serve as a liaison to ensure that all efforts in the development of the CJS Plan are comprehensive, inclusive and complement existing agencies’ and other public safety governmental plans.
cjs plan purpose
CJS Plan Purpose

1. Create a framework for short and long range decision-making;

2. Establish a foundation for more detailed analysis and planning; and

3. Promote system improvements.

cjs plan governance
CJS Plan Governance

An important piece of the CJS Plan process is the establishment of the Oversight Committee represented by:

- Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Services Council

- Department of Corrections

- Department of Correctional Education

- Department of Forensic Science

- Department of Juvenile Justice

- Virginia Parole Board

- Virginia State Police

cjs plan governance1
CJS Plan Governance

The Secretary of Public Safety has selected each of you to be actively involved in this comprehensive process, as your agencies and your constituencies play an integral role in the criminal justice system.

the oversight committee
The Oversight Committee
  • Provide general planning process oversight; Provide names of possible focus group participants and facilitators;
  • Review the Environmental Scan;
  • Designate agency staff member to the Working Committee; and
  • Approve draft of CJS Plan.
regional focus groups
Regional Focus Groups
  • Include representation across the state from multi-discipline professional fields
  • Regional designated areas were created by the Council on Virginia’s Future
regional focus groups1
Regional Focus Groups
  • Tuesday, September 4 (Valley Region) at Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Academy
  • Wednesday, September 5 (Southwest Regions) at Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy
  • Thursday, September 6 (West Central Region) at Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy
regional focus groups2
Regional Focus Groups
  • Tuesday, September 11 (Eastern Region) at Colonial Beach Police Department
  • Wednesday, September 12 (Northern Region) at Fairfax Criminal Justice Academy
regional focus groups3
RegionalFocus Groups
  • Tuesday, September 18 (Hampton Roads Region) at Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
  • Thursday, September 20 (Central Region) at Virginia State Police Academy
regional focus groups4
RegionalFocus Groups
  • Wednesday, September 26 (Southside Region) at ???
intended output of focus groups
Intended Output of Focus Groups
  • Identify important issues impacting CJS in the past 3-5 years using social matrix information.
  • Identify emerging issues impacting the CJS.
  • Identify specific areas of concern about the integration of criminal justice services or processes.
socio economic matrix
Socio-Economic Matrix
  • Indicators and measures provided intend to stimulate discussion on the status of the Virginia CJ system and to help identify topics and issues that the plan may address.
  • City/county level information as multi-year trends will be included and for each of the eight regions of Virginia, if possible.
socio economic matrix1
Socio-Economic Matrix
  • Crime statistics - index crime and arrest rates for violent crimes, property crimes, and arrests for drug offenses and domestic violence offenses (VSP/DCJS).
  • Numbers of felony convictions (Sentencing Com.)
  • Number of prison inmate commitments and releases, by violent, property and drug offenders (DOC).
socio economic matrix2
Socio-Economic Matrix
  • Number of local jail inmate commitments and releases, by violent, property and drug offenders (Comp. Board).
  • Size of probation/parole caseloads (DOC/DCJS).
  • Number of juvenile complaints, felony, misdemeanor and status (DJJ).
socio economic matrix3
Socio-Economic Matrix
  • Number of juvenile detention home commitments and releases (DJJ).
  • Number of juvenile correctional center commitments and releases (DJJ).
  • Number of sworn law enforcement officers (DCJS).
socio economic matrix4
Socio-Economic Matrix
  • Number of licensed private security officers (DCJS).
  • Number of state and local probation staff (DOC/DCJS).
socio economic matrix5
Socio-Economic Matrix

Other socioeconomic factors related to

risk of elevated criminal activity include:

  • child abuse assessments,
  • school graduation and completion rates,
  • percentage of persons in poverty and
  • births to mothers with less than 12th grade education.
environmental scan
Environmental Scan
  • The purpose of the 2007 Environmental Scan is to provide a broad range of information that will enable decision-makers to understand current and potential trends so that strategic directions and goals for Virginia's Criminal Justice System can be developed.
  • It also identifies emerging and projected issues, as well as current initiates and opportunities for collaboration and system improvement.
environmental scan1
Environmental Scan
  • Identify the “State of the Criminal Justice System”: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Identify broad-based perceptions and values concerning the CJS.
using the environmental scan
Using the Environmental Scan
  • OSC establishes a Working Committee to review the Environmental Scan and identify strategic issues with the CJS.
  • The Working Committee will develop proposed actions and resolutions to the strategic issues.
  • These recommendations will compliment existing department plans.
  • The final draft of plan will be reviewed by the Oversight Committee prior to sending to the Secretary of Public Safety for final comment and edits.
publish the cjs plan
Publish the CJS Plan
  • Documents will be available to the public and will recognize the work of all departments and participants.
  • DCJS will ensure that copies are appropriately published and be available in hard copy.
publish the cjs plan1
Publish the CJS Plan
  • Once the Executive Office provides final approval on the CJS Plan, DCJS will look for opportunities to market the plan in concert with other agencies.
annually cjs plan review
Annually CJS Plan Review
  • As needed … OSC will be consulted.
  • DCJS will collect data on emerging issues, changes and system advancements and review.
  • Any outcomes and system changes from existing CJS Plan will be measured and documented.
  • Correspond with both OSC regarding findings.
  • Periodically revise where appropriate.

JULY `07

  • Convene 1st OSC meeting
  • Finalize Focus Group membership


  • Finalize Facilitation Process


  • Host 8 regional focus groups


  • Gather feedback from focus groups on process and debrief facilitators
  • Draft Environmental Scan


  • Deliver draft of Environmental Scan to OSC for review


  • Host 2nd OSC Meeting for feedback on Scan
  • Develop Working Committee membership list


  • Deliver Environment Scan to Working Committee


  • Develop facilitation process for the Working Committee


  • Convene Working Committee for a 2-3 day strategy session

MAY `08

  • Complete draft of CJS Plan
  • Submit to Working Committee for feedback

JUNE `08

  • Revise CJS Plan draft per Working Committee comments
  • Submit 2nd draft of CJS Plan to OSC
  • Draft final CJS Plan per OSC feedback

JULY `08

  • Submit CJS Plan to SPS and solicit feedback
  • Revise draft and craft final version


  • Publish CJS Plan
  • Market Plan in coordination with state agencies

Annual Review - TBD