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  1. AXE XMAS PACKS 2011CREATIVE BRIEF Projekttitel 06.11.2010

  2. CONTENT AXE EffectAXE Target GroupAXE PortfolioAXE Xmas Pack DesignAXEXmas Packs 2010AXE Xmas Packs 2011AXE Key Visuals

  3. THE AXE EFFECT Projekttitel AXE gives guys the edge in the mating game

  4. INSIGHT & BRAND PROMISE • AXE Insight - true all over the globe “The mating game is a major obsession for young men. Feeling, looking and smelling good are essential to success.” • Simple historical brand promise - universal need AXE makes young men smell good… which… Increases their confidence… which… Increases their chances

  5. THE AXE VALUES AND PERSONALITY Axe is sexual confidence and implied magic Axe is definitely on the guy’s side (not neutral/girl-siding) It talks to primal masculine drives • The fascination with girls • The desire to charm them, to win them over • The battle to see off the competition But Axe deals in these things in a fun, original and playful way We’re having a laugh … not reflecting reality Tone of communication: Funny, cool, sexy but not crossing the border of flirty teasing tone - INFORMAL Originality Playful fantasy

  6. THE AXE EFFECT Axe doesn’t transform a loser into a winner It enhances their natural pulling power by making them feel, look and smell great Axe helps young guys play at the top of their game

  7. AXE RULES • The AXE colour is: BLACK • Porn is a don’t • The AXE brand and comms are more about wit than tits • At its best AXE builds a world of playful fantasy – not low budget porn • Sport is a don’t • Everything we do... HAS TO BE COOL! • Being cool is the hardest thing a brand can do • But it’s critical that AXE feels cool and desirable or guys won’t want to buy us • This means thinking about everything we do instore, on the web, on the can, in comms to make sure it looks and feel cool

  8. AXE TARGET GROUP Projekttitel

  9. TARGET GROUP • Black • Primal Style Seekers/ 14-25y.o. men fairly cool but still limited on experience of women. • Chasing girls, being chased by girls getting girls is a way of defining themselves as individuals and men. • Colored • Experimental benefit seeker/ 18-30 y.o. men with higher educational background, fairly cool but still some experience in the mating game. • Grooming products can transform how he is perceived and feels, communication for him must be targeted, fun and engaging.

  10. OUR AXE GUY Core target> 14-25 year old (single)men Wider target> 14-40 year old men Peer group approval is critical for him He is urban He has secondary education His values: Masculine, Original, Cool, Fun, Sexy He has an average salary 12 noon AXE gives him the edge in the mating game 3 pm 9 am 9 pm 6 pm Chasing girls, being chased by girls, getting girls is a way of defining themselves as individuals and men He is increasingly into grooming - and how he looks

  11. AXE PORTFOLIO 2011 Projekttitel

  12. Axe Deo range 2011

  13. Axe SG range 2011

  14. XMAS PACK DESIGN Projekttitel

  15. Design MUST HAVES • Visibility is critical: we use windows in all pack - The more you see from the product the better it is! • We are aiming to develop an outstanding design with high shelf impact - Be in-line with 2011 over all communication • We will focus on good branding - Try to communicate the gift item on the FOP • Consistency in the range is a key but variety in execution is added as a learning

  16. Challenges of design • Ensure differentiation within each sub range (i.e. between Black, Colouredranges) while communicating equitable value perception • Communicate via packaging value differences between each range (i.e. Core, Premium, Gift) • Packaging should capture the values, personality and essence of the Axe brand DNA • Create a "wow" impact with shoppers, bringing clear brand differentiation and distinctiveness on shelf, thus facilitating a price premium on gift packs • Create a “cool” impact with guys that receive the gift pack, making them want to stick with Axe

  17. AXE XMAS PACKS 2010 Projekttitel

  18. AXE PACK DESIGN 2010 • ECO Packs (Brand Development)

  19. AXE PACK DESIGN 2010 • Bag sleeve

  20. AXE PACK DESIGN 2010 • Gift Packs

  21. AXE XMAS PACKS 2010 Projekttitel

  22. AXE- ECO 1-2 packs Dark Temptation SG + BS Twist SG + BS Africa SG + BS AHO SG + BS Rise Up SG + BS Excite SG + BS Excite BS + AS Dark Temptation BS+AS

  23. AXE Gift pack 1 - Wallet + Excite SG + BS DT SG + BS

  24. AXE Gift pack 2 – Military cap Excite SG + BS + Rise Up SG + BS

  25. AXE Gift pack 3 – Poker Card Excite SG + BS + With new design!(Angels) Africa SG + BS

  26. AXE Gift pack 4 • USB card reader • USB splitter + Excite SG + BS Twist SG + BS DRAFT pictures!

  27. AXE Washbag 1 + Excite SG + BS + AS DT SG + BS + AS

  28. AXE - Citybag • We are still waiting for samples

  29. KEY VISUALS Projekttitel





  34. SUMMARY Projekttitel

  35. SUMMARY • Assignment: • Developing cca. 8 ECO box creative, 8 Gift box creative and 4 sleeve creative on the basis of AXE key-visuals and the given guide • Timing: • Final design: week51 2010 • Final creative: week7 2011 • Budget: • Please come back with the budget after the brief

  36. CONTACT VIKTÓRIA TOMASOVICS Xmas Gifting Officer E-mail: ANITA PALLÓS Xmas Brand Builder E-mail:

  37. ANY QUESTION?THANK YOU! Projekttitel