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The Emperor Strikes Back

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The Emperor Strikes Back
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The Emperor Strikes Back

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  1. D O N O P O L I S The Emperor Strikes Back By: Don Browning

  2. Empire and Emperor • My Empire’s name is Donopolis • It is named after the Emperor. • The Emperor is Don the Greatest • 320,000 Citizens live in Donopolis

  3. Brutal Force Government • My kingdom is ruled with brutal force. • because I am strong • everyone will do what I want them to do • I have a strong army to back me up

  4. Social Rankings in Donopolis • Social Ranking • Ruler (Me) • Army Elite (top trusted officers) • Priests • Craftsmen (special talents like doctors ,teachers,soldiers) • Workers (farmers, shop keepers) • Slaves • Why? • I trust my Army, Priest because I need help • craftsmen and workers are almost equal but craftsmen have more talents • Slaves work to pay off room and board.

  5. Accomplishments • The Don Code of Ethics: • Slaves request to work for someone (farmer, dentist, teacher) and live with them for free and get free food • They are not to be abused • Arsenal Law: • All men 16 and older can try out for my army • they will live in barracks and be fed healthy meals • they will also get paid • they will retire at the age of 30 and be given land to live on

  6. “Piece of Real Estate” Donopolis is what used to be Sweden D O N O P O L I S

  7. Donopolis The capital city is located at the star and is called Donotopia *Donotopia

  8. Why?1. Natural Protection from Invaders • Mountains naturally protect west, north, and northwest • Forests give protection in the south. • Gulf of Bothnia protects the east from land attacks • Water and Mountains protect most of Donopolis

  9. Why?2. A lot of natural Resources • Coniferous forests • Wood for building • Water power • For making tools work • Gold ore • To trade • Sulphide ore • To make energy

  10. Why?3. Major Trading Route • The Bay of Bothnia, Baltic Sea and North Sea are major trading routes. • Ships can be sent to a lot of other countries to trade and to bring in resources that are needed

  11. Important Building #1 The Castle • Named Castle of Don • This is where the royal family lives • This is the center of the capital where all the celebrations are • This is the most important because it protects the ruler of Donopolis

  12. Important Building #2 The Royal Armory • It is named The Royal Armory • This is where the soldiers are trained to protect Donopolis • The weapons and horses are here and the ships are made here

  13. Important Building #3 The Kobe Arena • It is named The Kobe Arena • Sporting events and Army tryouts take place here • It is inside the capital Donotopia • Everyone comes to have fun

  14. Protection for Donopolis • There is a lot of natural protection: • Mountains in the west, north, and northwest • forests give protection in the south • The Gulf of Bothnia in the east • The only way into Donopolis is by rivers in the west, north, and northwest and by boat in the east and south.

  15. Protection for Donotopia the Capital • Natural and manmade protection: • Protected by mountains and land • Close to Indal River, we built a dam to keep out the enemy but still get water • A huge rockwall around my castle and a second wall outside of it where the rest of Donotopiais • There is a moat outside of the second wall, filled with piranha • Forts built along the shore with warships in the sea

  16. Warfare • Warships protect the water areas, soldiers are trained to drive the ships and to fight like pirates and attack other ships • On land, the soldiers uses horses to patrol the land and spears, battle axes, and swords as weapons, so soldiers were trained to be good riders and how to use those weapons

  17. Culture • Language spoken is Donish • The official religion is Catholic and the main church is in Donotopia. There are others all over Donopolis. • Art: glass blowing is the main type of art.

  18. Entertainment • Games • Chess • dice • Music • Dancing • Singing • Sports • Swimming • Rock climbing

  19. The End Donopolis