pump storage reservior n.
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Pump Storage Reservior

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Pump Storage Reservior. Hi my name Aidan and I’m going to tell you how Pump Storage Reservior can make electricity. Information from www. Darvill.clara.net/ altenerg. Information about the biggest Pumped Storage Reservior Factory in the world.

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pump storage reservior

Pump Storage Reservior

Hi my name Aidan and I’m going to tellyou how Pump Storage Reservior canmake electricity. Information from www. Darvill.clara.net/altenerg

information about the biggest pumped storage reservior factory in the world

Information about the biggest Pumped Storage Reservior Factory in the world

Between 1976 and 1982 a huge project was built in North Wales. There is little to see because most of it is in the sides of hills and mountains and in water. When the country is in a power demand this is the quickest way to make electricity Dinowig is the fastest responding. station in the world it is based in North Wales it provides 1320 MEGAWATTS in 12 seconds.

why dinowig got chosen as the biggest station in the world

Why Dinowig got chosen as the biggest station in the world

The higher the station the more

that is one of the reasons Dinowigwas chosen because of it’s size. There is a BIG Lake so not as much buildingtook place. Dinowig has a pump to pump water it is useful for pumping water and generating electricity.

how it works

How it works

Well there’s nothing much to see because it is mostly in the sides of mountains and under water. At the top Reservior the head gates open (Known as huge gates) water gets pumped down the pipe to the lower reservior and that powers the turbines which powers the

generatorwhich makes electricity.



Without some means of storing energy for quick release, we’d be in trouble. Little affect on Landscape. No pollution or waste. It get’s power quicker than any other power

stationor source of energy in the world.



It is to expensive to build. Once you use it you can’t use it again until

you have pumped it up to the top reservior.

is it renewable

Is it renewable

Yes it is renewable but you can’t use it again ‘til you pump it to the topreservior

did you know

Did you know?

Water falls 600 meters to the turbines it’s under a great deal of pressure when it hits the turbines.

The tunnels are lined with steel at the end.

6 generators are capable of producing 288 MEGAWATTSof power at 18,000 Volts then it goes to 400,000 Volts by Transformers that are sent a log Underground cablesto go into the ‘’SUPER GRID’’ which is the long-distance Network of the National grid.