free and effortless fundraising for sciennes primary school n.
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Free and effortless fundraising for Sciennes Primary School PowerPoint Presentation
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Free and effortless fundraising for Sciennes Primary School

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Free and effortless fundraising for Sciennes Primary School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Free and effortless fundraising for Sciennes Primary School. A Guide to on why and how to use Why fundraise for School?. Currently the School Council through the PTA raise and average of £7000-8000 / per year.

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Free and effortless fundraising for Sciennes Primary School

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    1. Free and effortless fundraising for Sciennes Primary School A Guide to on why and how to use

    2. Why fundraise for School? • Currently the School Council through the PTA raise and average of £7000-8000 / per year. • The money raised through fundraising is essential as it helps with things such as: • Reduce cost for pupil excursions (especially P6-P7) • Buy equipment that school could otherwise not afford. (Example….)

    3. What is and How does it work? • provide a FREE service where you can shop with your favourite online stores and at no extra cost raise funds for any charity, good cause or group you choose to support. You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using the links from their site first, each purchase you make will generate a cashback donation to the cause you wish to support.

    4. Why use Easyfundraising? • It is a free service costing you nothing • It is easy to use • Anyonecan use it. Parents/careers, extended families, staff AND e.gBusinesses. • It operates all year around allowing fundraising 52 weeks a year and not just the school year.

    5. “Many a little makes a mickle!”(Every little helps) – EXAMPLE: • There are currently around 640 pupils (xxxxhouseholds) at Sciennes. • If all the 640 households make 1 grocery shop from e.g.Sainsburyvia the site a week through out the year. Each shop will raise £0.25/week and there being 52 weeks in a year it means: • Each pupil’s family would raise £13:-/year. • 640 pupils*£13:-= £8320:- / year of funds raised for free without any effort to Sciennes

    6. Why do retailers support your fundraising? • When you buy online the cost to the retailer is much lower. Therefore retailers are happy to help good causes when new online customers are introduced to them via the website. • Please note that your chosen good cause received 100% of the donation shown on the site. E.g. if the donation rate for M&S is 2.5% of all spend, your chosen good cause will receive 2.5p for every £1 spent.

    7. Am I buying from the retailer or easyfundraising? • You still deal directly with each retailer. simply record your visit to their website and reward your selected cause if you make any purchases. • Save money • Many retailers give exclusive 'Internet-only' discounts, special offers and even money saving 'eVouchers' to their members, so as well as raising funds, you can also use their site to save money.

    8. Will I pay anything extra? • No. You pay the same prices exactly as if you visited each retailer's website directly. Using the service will not cost you a penny more than you would pay normally. How much can I raise? • Up to 15% of every purchase is donated, depending on which retailer you select and what you buy. The exact donation that will be paid is displayed directly next to each retailer listing. For more information (questions and answers)see

    9. How to start using Easyfundraising • Go online to • This is where you login next time after you have register • First time go to “Not registered? “And press the button • This will lead you to a screen that allows you to register. • In field called Charity / Organisation type in Sciennes and then hit the search button. • This will bring up your search results. Select Sciennes Primary School PTA – Edinburgh. • Enter your contact details and password • Then scroll down and select if you want to be remembered, receive emails on offers by ticking or removing ticking. • Then tick that you have agreed on terms and finally press button to register. • You have now registered and you will be taken to the welcome screen where you can see: how many people are registered for the cause in question, how much you have raised and how much the cause as a whole as raised so far.

    10.  In order to not forget to use this site we would recommend that you use set up as your homepage. To do so follow the following easy steps: • Go to drop down menu and select Tools • In Tools select Options and this will bring up a small window. • In first drop down list select “Show my home page” • And in field under called Home Page type or if you are already on the page just press the key below which reads Use Current Page. • Press OK • Next time you open your browser you will now automatically come to • • • Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. To do so you can use our email • You can also check out on youtube :