florida base commanders update to the florida senate 5 nov 09 n.
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Florida Base Commanders Update to the Florida Senate 5 Nov 09 PowerPoint Presentation
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Florida Base Commanders Update to the Florida Senate 5 Nov 09

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Florida Base Commanders Update to the Florida Senate 5 Nov 09 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Air Armament Center. Florida Base Commanders Update to the Florida Senate 5 Nov 09. Col Bruce McClintock 96th Air Base Wing Commander. Overview. History of Base Commanders Forum Main Issues -- Encroachment/Land Use -- Transportation -- Energy -- Quality of Life .

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  • History of Base Commanders Forum
  • Main Issues

-- Encroachment/Land Use

-- Transportation

-- Energy

-- Quality of Life

recent history of base commander forum
Recent History of Base Commander Forum
  • Various levels of engagement/activity
  • Format has evolved in the current administration from all base commanders to a smaller bi-annual major base commander forum, and an annual Senior Military Leaders Forum with the Governor and Flag/General officers from each service.
  • Renewed Emphasis since Feb 09

-- Feb Meeting at Eglin AFB (Military/State)

-- Sep VTC hosted by Eglin AFB (Military)

-- Oct Meeting at MacDill AFB (Military/State)

-- Dec Meeting at Camp Blanding (Senior Leader Forum)

encroachment land use
Encroachment/Land Use

Current Status: While most installations have completed a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), encroachment continues to impact mission performance.

Impact: This information aids installation commanders and community leaders plan for growth and make informed decisions when used properly. Florida Statute 163.3175 is helpful but application varies by community and there is no enforcement mechanism.

  • Follow Florida House of Representatives Committee on Veterans Affairs conclusions in Rep Stan Jordan’s Feb 08 Military Base Encroachment White Paper
    • “…a majority of local governments have not complied with statutory requirement to amend their local comprehensive plans to ensure compatible development near military installations…”
encroachment land use1
Encroachment/Land Use
  • #1: Amendment to Florida Building Codes
  • -- Revise Sections R325 and 3113 of the Florida Building Code to include sound
  • attenuation provisions for new construction in the proximity of airfields
  • -- Support Florida Defense Alliance Initiatives
  • # 2: Strengthen the Growth Management Act
  • -- Prevent encroachment in crash/accident potential zones
  • -- Prevent growth in incompatible noise areas
  • -- Protect training/over flight routes
  • -- Broaden definition of encroachment to include land, water and airspace
  • -- Enforce existing ordinances
  • -- Bring in Department of Community Affairs (DCA) early
  • -- Require (seller to buyer notification) of nearby military activities and impacts
  • -- Support Florida Defense Alliance Initiatives
  • #3: Continue to fund the Florida Forever Program which assists military bases in
  • creating conservation easements around bases, thus reducing encroachment,
  • and leverage matching federal funds (REPI)
  • Current Status: No mechanism for meaningful coordination between State and

Military Officials

  • Impact: Missions are growing, personnel and traffic on state roads continues to

grow – resulting in a decline in service conditions

  • How You Can Help:
    • Add Strategic Intermodal System designation for roadways near all major military installations
    • Include military in regional meetings with a seat at the table for 15/30 year planning meetings
    • Make Base Commanders Ex Officio members of Metropolitan Planning Organizations
    • Provide state funding for critical transportation projects in support of military and local community growth—broaden mass transit systems across the state
    • Investigate pursuit of federal funding for critical growth and community needs
  • Current Status: The Florida Legislature failed to ratify the Public Service

Commissions Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)

recommendations in its last session

  • Impact: Military installations need partnerships with utilities to meet federal

energy mandates

  • How You Can Help:
    • Ratify the proposed PSC rule for a Florida Renewable Portfolio Standard
    • Foster renewable energy projects and markets throughout the state
    • Support tax credit extensions and accelerated depreciation schedules
    • Establish Public Benefit Funds to support renewable energy development
quality of life
Quality of Life
  • Licensing/Reciprocal Privileges
  • Education
  • Childcare
licensing reciprocal privileges
Licensing / Reciprocal Privileges

Current Status: Florida requires additional education and/or fees for careers which

require licensing. State has recognized nursing/education reciprocity

Impact: Spouses/dependents who transfer on military orders to another state find it

difficult to continue in current working in certain field because their

credentials are not accepted in Florida. This can be very costly to DoD


What We Need:

- Elimination or reduction of any reciprocity barriers for family members on military

orders and eliminate or minimize associated fees

- Identify other career areas and work with the Department of Business and

Professional Regulation to institute provisions for reciprocity


Current Status: Reciprocity for high school students from other states does not

exist and results in the loss of credit hours which effects their

graduation status.

Impact: This creates an undue burden on military members who are residents of the state. This issue is particularly problematic for those who must move during or before their senior year.

What We Need: Reciprocity agreements such as those in Georgia that allow

transferring students credit for work recognized by their state and

also allow for the waiving of state specific requirements such as

unique history courses.


Current Status: State currently uses three agencies for childcare facility/agency accreditation. The Department of Defense only recognizes one of the agencies—off-base childcare facilities may not meet DoD standards.

Impact: State currently forfeiting possible Federal subsidies, training and facility funding since it doesn’t meet DoD standards; therefore, many of our members will not use off-base facilities—when Federal subsidies are provided, it saves our members money and aids the state as noted above (win/win).

What We Need: State accreditation standards to mirror those required by DoD