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Little Falls Powerhouse Modernization

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Little Falls Powerhouse Modernization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Little Falls Powerhouse Modernization. Presented by Brian Vandenburg Avista Utilities, Spokane, WA. Welcome to Little Falls. Act of Congress in 1905 Commissioned in 1912 Four units at 9MW each 600ft Spillway. Why Little Falls?. January 2010 Damaged breaker and commutator. July 2006

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little falls powerhouse modernization

Little Falls Powerhouse Modernization

Presented by Brian Vandenburg

Avista Utilities, Spokane, WA

welcome to little falls
Welcome to Little Falls
  • Act of Congress in 1905
  • Commissioned in 1912
  • Four units at 9MW each
  • 600ft Spillway
why little falls
Why Little Falls?

January 2010

Damaged breaker and commutator

July 2006

Damaged breaker and commutator

September 2010

Damaged breaker, commutator and generator winding

little falls scoping
Little Falls Scoping

Vertical vs Horizontal

  • Payback
  • Logistics
  • Foundation Unknowns
engineering troubles
Engineering Troubles…
  • Turnkey Design
  • In House Design
little falls schedule
Little Falls Schedule
  • Exciter and Breaker Upgrade Completed
  • Crane Upgrade Completed
  • New Warehouse Completed
  • Station Service Infrastructure Upgrade In Construction
  • Unit 3 Outage July 2014 - Feb 2015
  • Station Service Auxiliary Systems Spring 2015
  • Unit 1 Outage July 2015 - Feb 2016
  • Headgate Upgrade July 2015 - Oct 2015
  • Unit 4 Outage July 2016 - Feb 2017
  • Spillgate System Upgrade ???
  • Unit 2 Outage July 2017 - Feb 2018
medium voltage breakers
Medium Voltage Breakers

4kV Breaker Upgrade

Uprated the generator breakers and buswork

excitation system
Excitation System

Exciter System Upgrade

Amplidyne & Rotational Exciters replaced with Static Excitation System

crane upgrade
Crane Upgrade

Replaced motors for all four motions. New cab and radio controls.

dealing with a small powerhouse
Dealing with a small powerhouse

Loading bay inside the plant is only 20ft wide, making logistics challenging


Long Lake Warehouse

The Long Lake Warehouse was built 8 miles from Little Falls to be shared between the two plants

station service upgrade
Station Service Upgrade

New transformers, low voltage switchgear and motor control centers are being installed. Designed for future expansion.

how to get funding
How to Get Funding

Original Little Falls generator half and turbine being delivered to site


generator replacement
Generator Replacement

Generator frame design to ‘LOOK’ like the old frame as much as possible

unit upgrades a quick look
Unit Upgrades: A Quick Look
  • Replacing 9MVA generators with 12MVA generators
  • Replacing turbines on units 1, 3 & 4.
  • New PLC-based governor and HPU system on all four units
  • Protection and Controls Upgrade
  • New generator cables
  • Rebabbit generator and turbine bearings
  • Reinsulate field poles to class F
  • Flow monitoring
  • Aux System overhaul: Bearing Oil system, Brakes, Vacuum BKR, Wicket gate resleeving and painting