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Top Google searches of 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Google searches of 2016

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Top Google searches of 2016

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Top Google searches of 2016

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  1. Best Google pursuits of 2016

  2. 2. iPhone 7: In September, Apple uncovered an iPhone 7 that components a high-determination camera and the alternative of a coal black reflexive complete yet strikingly does not have the conventional simple earphone jack. REUTERS/Issei Kato

  3. 3. Donald Trump: The Republican president-elect, will's identity sworn in on Jan. 20, ran an offbeat and disputable crusade against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump, who was blamed for bigotry and misogyny amid the battle, made guarantees, for example, constructing a divider on the southern U.S. fringe, taking action against Muslims entering the nation and limiting the inundation of Syrian war displaced people. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

  4. 4. Ruler: The music hotshot was discovered dead in his home in a Minneapolis suburb in April after an incidental, self-directed overdose of an opioid painkiller. The strongly private performer, whose hits included "Purple Rain" and "When Doves Cry," was discovered dead in a lift at his home at 57 years old, stunning a great many fans far and wide and provoking shining tributes by kindred artists. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

  5. 5. Powerball: The record $1.6-billion big stake in January was the biggest lottery prize ever offered in North America, and no other lottery on the planet had ever included a bonanza of that size that could be won on a solitary ticket. Three winning tickets were sold in California, Florida and Tennessee. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

  6. 6. David Bowie: David Bowie, the visionary British demigod who coupled hits, for example, "Space Oddity" with pattern setting pop personas like "Ziggy Stardust," kicked the bucket at age 69 in January of liver growth, only two days in the wake of discharging what has all the earmarks of being the separating endowment of another collection. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

  7. 7. Deadpool: Marvel's Rated R screw-up motion picture, featuring Ryan Reynolds, recounts the narrative of previous Special Forces operator turned soldier of fortune Wade Wilson, who experiences a rebel investigation to treat his tumor. The operation abandons him scarred additionally with forces that permit him to mend rapidly and Wilson, soon Deadpool, looks for reprisal on the man who did the examination. The film has pulled in an expected $760 million worldwide.

  8. 8. Olympics: The Olympics and the 2014 World Cup, which Brazil likewise facilitated, were intended to showcase its entry on the world stage. Rather, Brazil's economy, and the prominent liberal government that managed its blast years, started to disentangle, as though on sign for the huge occasions. The scenes played out disregarding the economy and legislative issues, not in view of them.

  9. 9. The huge multiplayer web based amusement gives clients a chance to control a snake symbol, devouring colorful pellets as they endeavor to develop the longest snake against different clients playing the diversion progressively. REUTERS/David McNew

  10. 10. Suicide Squad: The DC Comics wannabe film, discharged in August, takes after a maverick gathering of screw-ups with unique forces - Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Killer Croc and El Diablo - who are held prisoner by Gotham's legislature to use as weapons to ensure the city. Numerous faultfinders panned the film, which has a 26 percent rating on audit aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

  11. 1. Pokemon Go: The blockbuster diversion, discharged in July and created by Niantic, utilizes increased reality and GPS mapping to make vivified characters show up in this present reality. Players stroll around genuine neighborhoods while looking for virtual Pokemon diversion characters overlaid on their cell phone screens like a scrounger chase. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu