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Taking Portraits

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Taking Portraits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taking Portraits. Some tips to keep in mind. Components of Great Portraits. Change your perspective Play with eye contact Vary the placement of your subject Take a series of shots Fill the frame Use Lighting in unique ways. Change Your Perspective. Most portraits are taken at eye level

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taking portraits

Taking Portraits

Some tips to keep in mind

components of great portraits
Components of Great Portraits
  • Change your perspective
  • Play with eye contact
  • Vary the placement of your subject
  • Take a series of shots
  • Fill the frame
  • Use Lighting in unique ways
change your perspective
Change Your Perspective
  • Most portraits are taken at eye level
  • Change your perspective for a unique twist
play with eye contact
Play with Eye Contact
  • Most portraits are taken with the subject facing forward
  • Have the subject focus on something off-camera to create interest
vary the placement of your subject
Vary the Placement of your Subject
  • Change where the subject appears in the frame
    • Can be full-frame
    • On the edge of the frame
    • Or even cut off part of the subject’s head in the frame
  • Leaves something to the imagination
  • And focuses attention on parts of your subject that you want to be focused upon
take a series of shots
Take a Series of Shots
  • Use “continuous shooting” mode and fire off more than one shot at a time.
  • Create a series of images that could be presented together instead of just one static image.
fill the frame
Fill the Frame
  • One way to ensure that your subject captures the attention of the viewer of your portrait is to fill the frame with their face.
  • It’s not something that you’d do in every shot that you take
self portraits


Some ideas to consider

from where i stand
From Where I Stand
  • Dennis Maitland has a unique take on the self-portrait
  • He uses aerial views of Detroit to showcase his self-portraits
  • It combines a birds-eye view and parts of him
100 cool self portrait ideas
100 Cool Self-Portrait Ideas
  • http://photo.tutsplus.com/articles/inspiration/100-seriously-cool-self-portraits-and-tips-to-shoot-your-own/
unique lighting
Unique Lighting
  • Use light to create an interesting portrait:
  • Side lit Portraits
  • Black backgrounds
  • White backgrounds
your task 2
Your Task #2…
  • Take a series of portraits to experiment
  • Take a picture for each of the following portrait components:
    • Perspective
    • Eye Contact
    • Subject placement
    • Series of shots
    • Fill the Frame
    • Self-portrait
    • Unique Lighting
      • Side lit Portrait
      • Use a White or Black background and play around with lighting