welcome to klms open house n.
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Welcome to KLMS Open House

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Welcome to KLMS Open House - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to KLMS Open House. 7 th Grade ELA Ms. Zeornes Ashley.zeornes@pfisd.net. Supplies. Composition notebook or spiral (remains in class) 1 binder with notebook paper pens/pencils each day 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C Below 70 F. Grading Scale. Absences.

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Welcome to KLMS Open House

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    1. Welcome to KLMS Open House 7th Grade ELA Ms. Zeornes Ashley.zeornes@pfisd.net

    2. Supplies • Composition notebook or spiral (remains in class) • 1 binder with notebook paper • pens/pencils each day 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C Below 70 F Grading Scale

    3. Absences • When a student returns to school from an absence, they need to take their parent/doctor’s note to the front office. • Students will be given 3 days for every day absent to complete make-up assignments. LateWork & Point Deductions • Campus policy states that the highest grade a student may earn on late work is a 70%.  Assignments must be turned in within the 3 week grading period.  For example, if a student has an assignment from the first week of school, it will be accepted until the 3rd week of school with the highest possible score of a 70%.  TXConnect is a great resource. If you do not have this set up yet, please see the front office!

    4. Make-Up Work / Corrections • Assessments and practice assignments can be turned in or corrected within a reasonable time frame for no grade higher than a 70%. (district policy)

    5. 40 Book Challenge • Students at Kelly Lane have been challenged to read 40 books by the end of the school year. A reading log has been provided to your child that stays in class. • Each student MUST read at least 1 chapter book each 9 weeks. How will they accomplish this? The ELA classrooms are providing SSR (silent sustained reading) in their classrooms this year. Therefore, it is mandatory that they bring a book for SSR. • Will this count for a grade? YES – Each 9 weeks students will complete a project from a menu of choices that will count as an ASSESSMENT grade each 9 weeks. • Check-Ups Along the Way- Students will have reading or writing responses throughout the 9 weeks to assess their progress on the books they are reading.

    6. Pre AP Summer Reading • All Pre AP students were assigned a summer reading project during the first week of school. The project to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the novel will be due WEDNESDAY SEPT 18. The following is a list of titles the students can choose from to read and complete the project. The students will read ONE book. • How Not to Be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler • Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick • Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac • Dark Water Rising by Marian Hale • The Greatest(Muhammed Ali) by W. D. Meyers • Cesar Chavez (Just the Facts Biographies) by David R. Collins • *You may also choose a book off the 2013 Lonestar Reading List. This list can be found on the library website under the “students” tab.*

    7. Calendar • Every other Thursday is library day • Every three weeks there will be a curriculum bundle assessment (sometimes in the form of a process paper). Bundle 1 Assessment is tomorrow! • Every 9 weeks a book report will be due (must be a chapter book). First project due Oct. 15th. • STAAR Writing April 1 and 2 • STAAR Reading April 23

    8. Book Donations • If you would like to donate 7th grade appropriate chapter books, I would LOVE to take them off your hands!

    9. Email Distribution List • If you have not received my Friday emails (and would like to) please leave your name and email address with me, or send me an email requesting to be added to my list  • Thank you for the honor of teaching your child! • Ashley.zeornes@pfisd.net