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Michalinko by:Kasia

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Michalinko by:Kasia.

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Michalinko by:Kasia

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A long time ago there lived a boy named Michalinko. He lived far away in a castle with his parents. One day, when he was coming home from school, he noticed that the village doctor was at his house. Michalinko was very nervous about what he would find when he got home. When he opened the front door, he saw his father weeping. “What is the matter, Tata?” asked Michalinko. “Your mother has died,” cried his Tata.

Michalinko ran to his room and cried. He did not go to Polish school that day. His friends and family came to the funeral of his mother.

Months later, Michalinko noticed that his father began to befriend a widow woman from the nearby town who had 2 very mean daughters of her own. This woman and her daughters would spend much time at Michalinko’s house with him and his father. The sisters would whisper and laugh and Michalinko knew that they were talking about him. “What are you saying about me?” he would ask. “Nothing!” they would reply in an evil voice.


One day, when Michalinko was at Polish School something terrible happened! His father and the widow were married! Michalinko found this out when he went home and his new, terrible step-sisters told him about the wedding. “I can’t believe my father would marry such a dreadful woman” thought Michalinko to himself.


That night was a very hard one because his step mom and stepsisters made him clean all the rooms, the fireplace, and the bathrooms. “Ok, I’m done with my work and everything is sparkly and very clean now.” said Michalinko. So the step mom went to the bathroom and said, “This isn’t clean at all!” Again and again Michalinko had to clean the bathrooms until she was satisfied. “I’m finally done,” said Michalinko. The step mom went to the bathrooms so she could check his work. “Much better,” she replied.


Michalinko continued to have a very tough time with his step mom and stepsisters. He would tell his father about all of the terrible things that they would do to him, but his father did not believe him. Michalinko felt very sad because it was the first time that his father did not believe him about something that he said.


A short while later, the mom and sisters where invited to a ball. “Michalinko, clean the bathrooms while we are at the ball!” shouted the step mom. He agreed to do that. So the girls left to go to the ball. Michalinko quickly cleaned the bathrooms. He wanted to go to the ball but he couldn’t so he sat sadly and wished that there were some way that he could go.


Suddenly, he heard a voice that said, “I will make a carriage for you.” “Who are you?” asked Michalinko. “I’m your fairy godmother,” replied the voice. “Voice come out, come out wherever you are,” said Michalinko. “I am in the closet,” the fairy said. “Would you want to introduce yourself,” Michalinko asked nicely. “Sure I will. I am a fairy godmother and I make wishes come true for special people” “Can you please make my wish come true fairy godmother?” asked Michalinko. “What is your wish?” asked the fairy. “I want to go to the ball but I don’t want my step mom and stepsisters to notice me.” “Sure I will help you” the excellent fairy said. And the fairy did.


Michalinko did not have the right clothes for the ball so the fairy godmother told him that she would make his old clothes into a tuxedo. She pulled out her magic bell and she shook the bell three times and Michalinko’s old clothes became beautiful.


He ran outside the castle with the godmother. He looked to her and asked, “How am I going to get to the ball?” Then the godmother made a tree into a beautiful horse carriage. “Wow, what a beautiful horse carriage you made out of this tree and thank you for helping me with this,” Michalinko said. “You’re welcome I was happy to help you,” the nice fairy godmother said. “Wait, I have to tell you something important!” yelled the fairy godmother as Michalinko rode away. “If you don’t return before midnight, everything will go back to how it was!” Michalinko nodded.


When he arrived at the very big ballroom, Michalinko opened the door and saw a beautiful girl standing by the punchbowl. “Would you care to dance?” asked Michalinko. They walked to the dance floor and they danced and danced until it was midnight. Michalinko left the ballroom and went back into the horse carriage and returned home in time.


The following day, Michalinko was doing his regular chores when the doorbell rang. It was the beautiful princess that he had danced with the night before. The evil stepmother answered the door and asked her what she wanted. “I am looking for a handsome prince that I met last night at the ball.” The step mom said, “I don’t have any handsome princes here, I only have daughters.” Michalinko ran downstairs and he said, “I am the handsome prince you danced with last night!”


The step mom screamed, “I told you that you could not go to the ball and you did not obey me!” “I am a young man now I can do anything I want! You do not have to make me do everything you want!” Michalinko yelled back. “I am the ruler of this house” screamed the evil step mom! “No I won’t and I am going to go with my beautiful princess so we can live happily!” So Michalinko left with the princess and they lived happily ever after.