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Trans-Atlantic Shibbing

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“The critical requirement, to enable advanced role-based access management to licensed resources, is agreement that we all call a student a student”.

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trans atlantic shibbing

“The critical requirement, to enable advanced role-based access management to licensed resources, is agreement that we all call a student a student”

Adoption of standard directory descriptions by F&HEIs, for all their registered members, will enable use of Shibboleth and other role-based access management technologies, as part of a growing global community


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Trans-Atlantic Shibbing

Supporting British Institutions Towards Better Access Management

  • Middleware and Shared Services Studies (2004)
  • Digital Rights Management (Intrallect Ltd)
  • Institutional Profiling and Terms and Conditions (EDINA)
  • Evaluation of single sign-on technologies (Edinburgh)
  • Feasibility of a national certificate issuing service (EDINA)
  • Policy creation tools for the PERMIS authorisation framework (Salford)
  • UK assessment of eduPerson and related schemas (LSE)
  • Core Middleware: Technology Development Programme
  • DYCOM - collaborations within dynamic Virtual Organisations
  • DYVOSE: Dynamic Virtual Organisations in e-Science Education
  • Groups Manager
  • KC-ROLO - Kidderminster College Repository of Learning Objects
  • PERSEUS: Portal-Enabled Resources via Shibbolized End-User Security
  • SDSS: Shibboleth Development and Support Services
  • SIPS: Seamlessly Integrating PERMIS and Shibboleth
  • Core Middleware: Infrastructure
  • Shibbolized National Data Services
  • Athens  Shibboleth Transitional Planning
  • Campus Preparation & Support
  • Implications for UK infrastructure
  • No more dependency on the VERY LARGE centralised database of Athens
  • Need for implementation of a national WAYF service (better than current end-user interface models)
  • Lower shared costs? (but greater costs devolved to institutions)
  • Scoping the need
  • HE support: Documents, Helpdesk, Installation support, Existing services
  • FE support: Managed services? Existing support services (InfoNet etc)
  • Survey of directory management policies & technologies used
  • Foundations for long-term support
  • Continuous self-evaluation & feedback from early-adopters
  • Establishing national measures of Shibbolization
  • Refining estimates of resources and timescale for full transition to a new National Middleware Infrastructure
  • A pilot support service
  • What can (and can’t) be re-used from NMI-EDIT CAMP programme?
  • Models & materials from other European adopters (SWITCH etc)
  • Opportunity to try different approaches with early-adopter institutions
  • Close working with national Data Service Providers
  • Testing different transitional interop models with Athens
  • Implications (problems?) for Institutions
  • Less duplicated end-user admin than with Athens (similar to AthensDA)
  • Need for agreement on role attributes (eduPerson) for end-user description
  • Many don’t yet have standards-based supporting services (SSO, enterprise directories)
  • …but new costs would largely replace & improve, rather than add-to, existing ad-hoc AM mechanisms)
  • How much do we spend, now, on piecemeal access management???