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top 8 website builders for nonprofits n.
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Website Builders for Nonprofits PowerPoint Presentation
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Website Builders for Nonprofits

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Website Builders for Nonprofits
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Website Builders for Nonprofits

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  1. Top 8 Website Builders for Nonprofits

  2. As a nonprofit organization, your website is crucial to your fundraising efforts

  3. We have compiled a list of what we believe are the Top 8 website builders for nonprofits

  4. BUILDER TYPE 1 WIX Drag and drop

  5. PERSONAL VIEW I thought the Wix interface was very easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye

  6. EASE OF USE - Great Intuitive user interface and provides a large variety of pre- made templates FUNCTIONALITY - Good Mobile responsive templates so that your website can look as good on mobile devices as it does on a computer screen

  7. FLEXIBILITY - Good Blank canvas style editing of its templates, which will allow you to customize each page PRICING $10/month to get rid of wiz advert Paid plans start at $5 $14 Unlimited Plan free basic plan

  8. BUILDER TYPE 2 WEEBLY Drag and drop

  9. PERSONAL VIEW I found Weebly’s interface to be by far the most straightforward

  10. EASE OF USE - Great Beginner with little to no technical experience, this is just the thing for you FUNCTIONALITY - Good Weebly provides mobile responsive templates, as well as basic SEO capabilities

  11. FLEXIBILITY - Good Weebly’s App Center provides a good selection of apps, separated by purpose and function PRICING Paid plan starting at $8/month Pro plan, at $12/month free basic plan

  12. BUILDER TYPE 3 SQUARESPACE Drag and drop

  13. PERSONAL VIEW When you first get started with building your Squarespace website, it’s difficult to pick from the different templates that are offered because they all are so appealing to the eye

  14. EASE OF USE - Great Squarespace is known for its beautiful, minimalist templates FUNCTIONALITY - Good Like Wix and Weebly, Squarespace provides mobile responsive templates as well as SEO capabilities

  15. FLEXIBILITY - Great Squarespace provides extensive styling options with lots of attention to detail PRICING $12 to $40 a month free basic plan

  16. BUILDER TYPE 4 JIMDO Ready-made templates

  17. PERSONAL VIEW A Although it wasn’t overly complicated, I expected Jimdo to be slightly easier to use

  18. EASE OF USE - Good Jimdo has a simple, intuitive user interface and provides suggested layouts FUNCTIONALITY - Good Jimdo provides mobile responsive templates and SEO capabilities

  19. FLEXIBILITY - Good Variety of elements and add-ons, and provides a “Widget/HTML” element that allows you to add your own custom code PRICING JimdoBusiness ($20/month) free basic plan $7.50/month

  20. BUILDER TYPE 5 WORDPRESS Backend editor

  21. PERSONAL VIEW As someone with very limited coding and web-building experience

  22. EASE OF USE - Average Wordpress uses a backend editor as opposed to drag-and-drop FUNCTIONALITY - Good WordPress has mobile responsive themes and provides SEO capabilities as well as additional SEO plugins for download

  23. FLEXIBILITY - Great The main perk of a back-end editor is that you can change anything in your website’s code PRICING Premium plan for $8.25/month Low rate of $2.99/month free basic plan

  24. BUILDER TYPE 6 IM CREATOR Ready-made templates

  25. PERSONAL VIEW IM Creator’s editor interface reminds me of Jimdo’s

  26. EASE OF USE - Good IM Creator provides pre-made, professionally designed templates FUNCTIONALITY - Average IM Creator provides mobile responsive templates and has SEO capabilities

  27. FLEXIBILITY - Good IM Creator does give you the option to design a template from scratch PRICING Free premium plan for registered nonprofits Premium plan starts at $7.95 if billed annually free basic plan

  28. BUILDER TYPE 7 GODADDY Drag and drop

  29. PERSONAL VIEW GoDaddy’s interface is as simple as you can get

  30. EASE OF USE - Good GoDaddy’s website builder has an intuitive user interface and provides pre-made templates FUNCTIONALITY - Average GoDaddy’s website builder has SEO capabilities and can create backups and restore the website

  31. FLEXIBILITY - Average GoDaddy provides the option of using a blank canvas editor, allowing for flexibility in page design PRICING Business plan costing $9.99/month Plans start at $5.99/month free basic plan

  32. BUILDER TYPE 8 MOONFRUIT Drag and drop

  33. PERSONAL VIEW There’s no denying it, Moonfruit’s interface is outdated

  34. EASE OF USE - Poor Moonfruit provides pre-made section templates that allow you to build a website FUNCTIONALITY - Average Moonfruit has SEO capabilities and includes Google Analytics and Google Webmaster

  35. FLEXIBILITY - Good The blank canvas type editor makes for a high level of customization within Moonfruit’s templates PRICING Standard plan ($9/month if billed annually) free basic plan $6.75/month

  36. Once you’ve selected the best website builder for nonprofit, you’ll need a way to take in donation

  37. Head over to to create your recurring donation form and you’ll be ready to receive donations in no time

  38. These donation forms can be customized to fit with your website design and can be Easily embedded onto your nonprofit website!

  39. blog/top-website-builders-for- nonprofits/