7 summer fundraising ideas that actually work n.
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Summer fundraising ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Summer fundraising ideas

Summer fundraising ideas

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Summer fundraising ideas

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  1. 7 SUMMER Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work


  3. Winter holiday season is famously the best time to fundraise Summertime should not be underestimated


  5. 1 Water Balloon Fight

  6. A water balloon fight is also a fundraising idea with a great potential return on investment. It’s relatively easy to organize and has the potential to raise a lot of funds

  7. FOR THIS EVENT, YOU’LL NEED A location where water balloons won’t cause damage  A few hundred balloons The help of volunteers Containers to store the water balloons in

  8. 2 Ice-Cream Party

  9. The great thing about an ice-cream party fundraising event is that you can pair it with another fundraiser like an auction to raise even more funds

  10. TO ORGANIZE AN ICE CREAM SOCIAL Pick A Location Choose A Time Be Mindful Of The Weather

  11. 3 Open-Air Movie Screening

  12. An outdoor movie night is also a relatively low-stress fundraiser that can be easily used in conjunction with other fundraising ideas such as raffles, auctions and pizza nights

  13. To organize an open-air movie screening Set out any food and beverages that will be for sale Decide on a location and a date Organize the venue or screen and projector Organize ticketing Promote the event Mobilize volunteers to help

  14. 4 Barbecue Extravaganza

  15. Barbecues are a great way to attract a big crowd during the summer. It’s also a family-friendly summer fundraising idea

  16. THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS TO GO ABOUT RAISING FUNDS AT A BARBECUE Selling barbecue plates Selling barbecue sauces and drinks Organizing raffles and auctions

  17. 5 Swim-a-Thon

  18. Swim-a-Thon is an in-pool fundraiser where participants earn money by swimming lengths of the pool

  19. BEFORE ORGANIZING A SWIM-A-THON, ASSESS YOUR CAPACITY What’s the size of the pool you will be using?  How many swimmers can it comfortably fit? Could you organize several races throughout the day and then end with a race between all the winners?

  20. 6 Outdoor Fitness Club

  21. Instead of organizing a single outdoor exercise class, go the extra mile and organize an outdoor fitness program. To make it fun, make it into a challenge

  22. EXAMPLES OF FITNESS CHALLENGES 30-Day Core Challenge Yoga Every Day Challenge  Whole30 Challenge

  23. 7 Summer Excursions

  24. A great way to respond to this need is to organize summer camping or summer hiking. This is a great fundraising idea for almost any age group

  25. TO REALLY TAKE IT UP A NOTCH, YOU COULD ADD THESE TO YOUR HIKE/CAMPING Wildflower hikes: Follow the blooms with a guide Waterfall hikes: Visit several waterfalls in one trip Mushroom picking: Pick mushrooms with an expert

  26. Summer fundraising doesn’t need to be daunting!

  27. Perfect time to enjoy the sunshine with your supporters and raise funds at the same time

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