Family life cycle
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Family Life Cycle. Nutritional Needs . Newly Married. Husband and Wife Adjusting to life together Finances, jobs, traditions Learning to prepare meals for two people Most meals require enough ingredients to make 4 servings. Preparing for pregnancy

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Family life cycle

Family Life Cycle

Nutritional Needs

Newly married
Newly Married

  • Husband and Wife

    • Adjusting to life together

      • Finances, jobs, traditions

    • Learning to prepare meals for two people

      • Most meals require enough ingredients to make 4 servings.

    • Preparing for pregnancy

      • Doctors suggest you start preparing your body 2 years in advance.

Nutrition during pregnancy
Nutrition during Pregnancy

  • On average women gain 25-30 pounds

    • Men gain 10-15 pounds (sympathy weight)

  • Consume an extra 200 calories a day.

  • Prenatal vitamins are taken to guarantee

    women are getting the right amount of iron,

    zinc and folate.

  • Limit salt intake- can cause complications such as preeclampsia, which causes high blood pressure and swelling.

Assignment part 1
Assignment- Part 1:

  • Write down the physical, mental and social effects of pregnancy on the individual or family. (3 of each)

  • Determine factors that may cause weight gain during this stage.

    • How can those factors be changed to promote health?

Early parenthood
Early Parenthood

  • Husband, wife and child (ages birth to ten)

    • Adjusting to life with a child

      • Financial strain, time management

    • Preparing meals for spouse and child

      • Problem: Child may not be eating the same foods.

Nutrition during early parenthood
Nutrition during Early Parenthood

  • Child

    Time to start healthy eating habits.

Nutrition during early parenthood1
Nutrition during Early Parenthood

  • Mother

    • Adjusting to eating for one again

    • Not consuming as many calories

    • Some mothers lose weight and others gain due to depression and time constraints

    • Finding time to be active

  • Father

    • With a busy wife, may be grabbing dinner on the go

    • Work (juggling time between family & work)

    • Active lifestyle= playing with kids

Later parenthood
Later Parenthood

  • Husband, Wife and Adolescent Children

    • Financial strains, time management, busy schedules

    • Some families may be in multiple stages

      at one time.

  • Preparing meals for a larger family

    • Because of physical growth, children

      are eating more.

Nutrition during later parenthood
Nutrition during Later Parenthood

  • Nutrition is important to adolescents because of rapid growth.

  • Busy schedule leads to bad eating habits

    (dining out, food to go)

  • Parents need to be aware of eating disorders in their teen. The child is not familiar with the change the body is making and doesn’t like the new appearance.

    • Anorexia Nervosa- self starvation, extreme limit of food intake

    • Bulimia Nervosa- eat then purge, often follows binge eating

Empty nest
Empty Nest

  • Husband and Wife

    • Children have moved out, beginning their own life cycle.

  • Focus is placed on marriage again, financial freedom, focus on health

Nutrition during empty nest
Nutrition during Empty Nest

  • Preparing smaller meals

    • Easy to over eat when there is extra food around.

  • Have time to rekindle with spouse

  • Focus on self and marriage

    • Health concerns (blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc.)

      • Limit salt intake, eat nutritious foods


  • Husband and Wife

    • During this stage, one spouse will pass away ending the family life cycle.

  • Health begins to decline, children are grown and have started their own family life cycle

Nutrition during retirement
Nutrition during Retirement

  • Loss of motor abilities put a strain on individuals ability to prepare a meal

    • Have someone prepare foods for them

  • Eat smaller portions

    • Have you ever noticed the “Senior Portions” on menus?

    • Have meals delivered (Meals on Wheels)

  • Health Concerns

    • Osteoporosis, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes