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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer PowerPoint Presentation
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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engr/Math/Physics 25. MS Excel Tables/Plots. Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer The 11 MS Excel Chart Types. Graph Construction Demo. Given Vapor Pressure Data. TABLE I: Vapor Pressure Data

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Presentation Transcript

Engr/Math/Physics 25

MS Excel


Bruce Mayer, PE

Licensed Electrical & Mechanical

graph construction demo
Graph Construction Demo
  • Given Vapor Pressure Data

TABLE I: Vapor Pressure Data

Vapor pressures (mm Hg) of less than one atmosphere as a function of temperature. (All temperatures are in degrees Celsius)

  • Construct a Scatter Chart to Find the Clapeyron Eqn Constants m & bfor Stannic Chloride
chart construction result
Chart Construction Result


all done for today
All Done for Today



Engr/Math/Physics 25


Time For

WhtBd Demo

Time For

Live Demo

Bruce Mayer, PE

Licensed Electrical & Mechanical

chart construction demo 1

Open File Demo_Excel_Table-n-Chart_Build_0511.xls

Copy from Table from Slide-22 → Paste into Demo Sheet

Need Vertical Data

Chart Construction Demo (1)
  • Horizontal table starting in Col-H
  • Copy Table Cells and EDIT → PASTE SPECIAL → transpose
chart construction demo 2
Chart Construction Demo (2)
  • Result after Transpose Paste
chart construction demo 3
Archive Data

Make Scratch WorkSheet; Xfer horizontal Table to to this sheet

Edit Worksheet

Adjust Headings

Delete Cols other Than SnCl4

Move Remaining to Right

Chart Construction Demo (3)
chart construction demo 4
Place in cols A & B

1000/T; T in Kelvins


Chart Construction Demo (4)
  • After Filling A & B
  • Formula for Col-B
    • =LN(E8)
chart construction demo 8
Add X-Grid LinesChart Construction Demo (8)
  • Insert As NEW Sheet
    • Give Descriptive Name
  • Remove Legend
chart construction demo 9
Chart Construction Demo (9)
  • Chart Wizard Result
  • Change
    • X-axis Scale: 2.5-4
    • Shorten Title
    • Clear BackGround
    • Lager, Sq Data Markers
    • GridLine & Text Colors
chart construction demo 13
Chart Construction Demo (13)
  • Chart Fine-Tuning Result
  • Add TrendLine to find Clapeyron m &b Constants
chart construction demo 15
Fine Tune TrendLine Form & DisplayChart Construction Demo (15)
  • Done with Plot; and have determined m & b by Trendline
    • Note that the Fit is Excellent; R2 = 99.92%
chart construction demo 16
Add Fitted Data to tableChart Construction Demo (16)

Calc Error=(G4-E4)/E4

Calc Using m & b

Analysis of Fit Characteristics

Copy & Paste from Chart


Put Fitted Data on Chart

    • On Table: Select & Copy Data
    • On chart: EDIT → PASTE SPECIAL → dialog Box above
chart construction demo 17
Fine Tune Two-Variable DisplayChart Construction Demo (17)
  • To Make Error Data More Visible Show using SECONDARY Axis at Right

Error Data Series

coefficient of correlation
Coefficient of Correlation
  • The coefficient of correlation is an indication of how well the linear relationship determined by the method of least squares fits the data set.
  • The equation for the coefficient of correlation is:
interpretation of r
Interpretation of R
  • If Ris 0, the points are so scattered that the regression line does not help predict y for a given x.
  • If R is +1 (positive slope) or –1 (negative slope), the points actually lie on a straight line so almost perfect predictions of y for a given x can be made using the regression line.