fathers and hellenism l.
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Fathers and Hellenism

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Fathers and Hellenism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fathers and Hellenism. Dn Paul L. Gavrilyuk. Alexander Defeats the Persians. ‘Alexander’ Sarcophagus. Royal Necropolis of Sidon, chamber #3. Last quarter of 4 th c BC. Istanbul Archeological Museum. Isocrates on Hellenism.

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fathers and hellenism

Fathers and Hellenism

Dn Paul L. Gavrilyuk

alexander defeats the persians
Alexander Defeats the Persians

‘Alexander’ Sarcophagus. Royal Necropolis of Sidon, chamber #3. Last quarter of 4th c BC. Istanbul Archeological Museum.

isocrates on hellenism
Isocrates on Hellenism

So far has our city [Athens] surpassed the rest of mankind in thought and speech that her pupils have become the teachers of the rest of the world; and our city has brought it about that the name ‘Hellenes’ suggests no longer a race, but an intelligence, and the title ‘Hellenes’ is applied rather to those who share our culture than to those who share common blood.

Isocrates (436- 338 BCE)

playing mithras in ostia antica
Playing Mithras in Ostia Antica…

Mithraeum of the Seven Doors. Ostia Antica, Italy.

emperor cult
Emperor Cult

Octavian Augustus

Julius Caesar

Alexander the Great

de hellenization vs re hellenization
De-Hellenization vs. Re-Hellenization

Adolf von Harnack (1851-1930)

Georges Florovsky (1893-1979)

from roman pietas to christian orans
From Roman Pietas to Christian Orans

Mother of God. Apse Mosaic, St Sophia, Kiev, 11th c.

Julia Maesa, grandmother of Elagabalus and Alexander Severus. AR Denarius, 218-225

Orans, ca 3rd c. Catacomb of Priscilla, Rome.

baptism of jesus with the personification of jordan
Baptism of Jesus with the Personification of Jordan

Baptism of Jesus. Arian Baptistery, Ravenna.

personification of jordan copied by rublev
Personification of Jordan copied by Rublev

Epiphany. Cathedral of Dormition. Vladimir. Workshop of AndreyRublev and DaniilCherny. c. 1408.

beyond harnack and florovsky
Beyond Harnack and Florovsky…

Adolf von Harnack (1851-1930)

Georges Florovsky (1893-1979)