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WELC o ME. Name –Md. Jahangir Alam Assist. Teacher Baloibunia Secondary School Class – Nine Subject – English 1 st paper. Entrance Gate. Look at the pictures. The Shat Gambuj Mosque. Inner side of the Shat Gambuj Mosque.

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Name –Md. Jahangir Alam

Assist. Teacher

Baloibunia Secondary School

Class – Nine

Subject – English 1st paper

look at the pictures
Look at the pictures

The Shat Gambuj Mosque


After the end of this lesson the learners will be able to-.tell about The Shat Gambuj Mosque ..read and understand texts through silent reading.. ask and answer questions and give opinions in a logical sequence..describe a place.


The Shat gambuj Mosque in Bagerhat is a famous heritage.It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.


East side – There are 11 arched doorways.

Number of doems – 77 + 4 = 81

It is a clear image of The Shat GambujMosque.It is situated at the outskirts of Bagerhat town. Orginally, the historic mosque city was known as ‘Khalifatadad’. In 15th century it was founded by the Turkish general, a saint warrior Ulugh Khan Jahan.


North and west side – There are 7 arched doorways for light and ventilation .

It is situated in Bagerhat.

A saint warrior Ulugh Khan Jahan.

The former name of Bagerhat city was ‘Khalifatabad'


It was a Muslim colony.

It was founded in 15th century.

It was founded by Khan JahanAli . By building a network of roads, bridges, public buildings and tanks he made Bagerhat habitable.


Inner side of the mosque.

1. Thickness of the arches is– 6 feet and have slightly narrowing hollow and round wall.


In side view

1. Number of pillars – 60

2. Number of aisles - 7 running along the length and 11 deep curves between the slender stone columns.

3. The floor of the mosque is made of brick.


Inside view of western wall

This wall is decorated with stonework and terracotta


Dome of corner. Every corner has a dome like this.

Western side

Number of mihrabs - 11


Dighi of western side of the shat gambuj mosque.

Crocodile – attraction of Khan Jahan Ali Mazar


Group -A

Give an architectural account of the Shat Gambuj Mosque.

Group -B

Describe about the Shat Gambuj Mosque.


1. What is this building?

2.Do you have a building like this in your village/town?

3. What do we call it?

4. Where is it located?

5. Why do you like it?