Finding data gis files at the u of s library kiran doranalli lucy li
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Finding Data & GIS Files at the U of S Library Kiran Doranalli Lucy Li. Always remember to login with NSID and password!!. Ways to Find Files. Library Catalogue Statistics Canada Catalogue

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Finding data gis files at the u of s library kiran doranalli lucy li l.jpg

Finding Data & GIS Files at the

U of S Library

Kiran Doranalli

Lucy Li

Ways to find files l.jpg
Ways to Find Files

  • Library Catalogue

  • Statistics Canada Catalogue

  • Web front ends to data: CANSIM, …

    • Variable level

  • U of S Data Archive

    • Variable level

      5. Talk to the Data Library staff

1 the library catalogue l.jpg
1. The Library Catalogue

  • Know the name of the survey

  • Looking for a print copy of a codebook

    Locate a survey by

    entering the survey name

    Keyword Search:


Slide8 l.jpg

2 statistics canada catalogue l.jpg
2. Statistics Canada Catalogue

  • Statistics Canada overview:

    • A Census every five years

    • 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life

  • Search files by keywords or subjects:

    • agriculture

    • crop

    • Off-farm income

Census of agriculture l.jpg
Census of Agriculture

  • Status: Active

  • Frequency: Quinquennial (5 year)

  • Objective: The Census of Agriculture is conducted to develop a statistical portrait of Canada's farms and its agricultural operators.

  • Subjects covered: major commodities of the agriculture industry, new or less common crops, livestock, finances and use of technology.

Census of agriculture16 l.jpg
Census of Agriculture

  • Clients: Federal government, provincial and territorial governments, municipal governments; libraries; educational institutions; researchers and academics; private industry; business associations and labour organizations; private citizens; public interest groups.

3 variable level l.jpg
3. Variable level

  • Library has access to several web extractors


Cansim canadian socio economic information management system l.jpg
CANSIM (Canadian Socio-Economic Information Management System)

  • Statistics Canada’s database of time series

  • Covering a wide variety of social and economic aspects of Canadian life

  • containing more than 38 million time series regrouped in approximately 2,800 tables

Cansim ii via chass and via e stat l.jpg
CANSIM II (via CHASS and via E-STAT): System)

  • Current and historical time series data for Canada

  • 38 million time series

  • Production, sales, trade

  • CANSIM II via CHASS--Updated weekly

  • CANSIM II via E-STAT—Updated annually

Cansim i l.jpg
CANSIM I System)

  • The version before CANSIM II

  • Has not been updated since June 1st, 2002.

Restrictions on use l.jpg
Restrictions on use System)

  • CANSIM via CHASS: licensed for use by the U of S faculty, staff and students for academic research and study

  • CANSIM via E-STAT: licensed for use by students in schools and colleges and universities

Demonstration cansim ii via chass l.jpg
Demonstration: CANSIM II via CHASS System)

  • New version

  • Continue in English

  • CANSIM Multidimensional @ CHASS Main Menu

  • Browse tables by subjects

Slide26 l.jpg

  • By dimensions System)

  • Select the dimensions in table10009: geography (Quebec, Ontario, BC), estimates (Farm value), commodity (Apples), farm area, production and value (Dollars) from the menu Submit

  • Select the series you want add selected to the series cart

  • Choose time period, output display (As a time series listed as columns), output format  retrieve the series from cart

  • Plot format in output format plot charts (draw multiple graphs, draw one graph (max 7 series))

Slide28 l.jpg

Output format: plot-bars graph between 1997-01-01 and

(draw one graph)

- v74278 Quebec; Farm value; Apples; Dollars

- v74279 Ontario; Farm value; Apples; Dollars

- v74283 British Columbia; Farm value; Apples; Dollars

U of s data archive l.jpg
U of S Data Archive between 1997-01-01 and

  • Data Lib webpage

  • By subject

  • Select the file

  • U of S data archive

  • Download the file and unzip it

  • Codebooks and other documentations are available in PDF format (some are available in print copy…search in library catalogue)

  • Restrictions: DLI license

Canada food stats cd rom l.jpg
Canada Food Stats (CD-ROM) between 1997-01-01 and

  • information on Canadian food consumption, nutrition, supply and demand, trade, prices …

  • data on the Canadian food industry, processing, economic indicators, labour, productivity, …

Census of agriculture various l.jpg
Census of Agriculture (various) between 1997-01-01 and

  • Farm and farm operator data

  • Small area data at Census Agricultural Regions (CARs*)

  • Tables from 1961 to date

    * A census agricultural region (CAR) is a sub-provincial geographic area used primarily by the Census of Agriculture for disseminating agricultural statistics.

Extraction system of agricultural statistics cd rom l.jpg
Extraction system of agricultural statistics (CD-ROM) between 1997-01-01 and

  • extract data by census agricultural region, farm type and revenue class

  • i.e. dairy production in Quebec or off-farm income in Saskatchewan current and historical

Fao food and agriculture organization of the united nations special password l.jpg
FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (special password)

  • Special license for bulk downloading

  • 3 million time-series and cross sectional  data relating to food and agriculture

  • FAOSTAT contains data for 200 countries and more than 200 primary products and inputs, just in its core.

Canada grains council statistical handbook l.jpg
Canada Grains Council: Statistical Handbook Nations

  • Grain industry overview

  • Area, supply, yield

  • Exports and trade

  • Prices ie. Canola oil, meal, corn and soybean monthly prices

  • Handling and transportation

  • Livestock: price, numbers on farms by class

  • Total Farm Cash Receipts

Eligibility and restrictions l.jpg
Eligibility and restrictions Nations

  • Restriction: DLI license

    The Data Liberation Initiative

    Eligibility: Postsecondary academic staff and students

    Conditions: restricted to teaching and research purposes

5 ask data library staff l.jpg
5. Ask Data Library Staff Nations

Office: 2nd Floor, Murray Library

Kiran Doranalli (8841)




Winnie Smit (7261)

Rob Alary (5987)

Elise Pietroniro (2677)

Darlene Fichter (7209)

( on sabbatical)

Questions l.jpg
Questions? Nations