your gametime delivery n.
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Your GameTime Delivery.... PowerPoint Presentation
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Your GameTime Delivery....

Your GameTime Delivery....

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Your GameTime Delivery....

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  1. Your GameTime Delivery....

  2. Thank You ! • We sincerely appreciate your order for GameTime playground equipment. We know you are excited about your new playground equipment and we want to assure you that we will do everything possible to help your project progress smoothly.

  3. The GameTime/Dominica Recreation ProductsDelivery Process Bumps and bruises might be expected as part of a playground experience, but we want to do all that is possible to eliminate them from your GameTime order, delivery and installation process. We are pleased to offer the following equipment delivery guide for your convenience .

  4. Your Delivery Schedule…. • Your GameTime order will ship via common freight carrier from our manufacturing center in Ft. Payne, Alabama, approximately 30 days from GameTime’s receipt and acceptance of your order. • Depending on how far you are located from Ft. Payne, you can expect to receive delivery three to ten days after shipment.

  5. To keep you advised …. • GameTime/Dominica Recreation Products will send you a letter (via fax or email) confirming that your order has been received and giving you an approximate projected shipping date. • Approximately two weeks later you will receive an acknowledgement directly from GameTime which cites the equipment ordered as well as your projected shipping date.

  6. Coordinating Delivery & Installation…. • If you have included installation services in your order, your GameTime Factory-Certified Installer will contact you two to three weeks before your “shipping” date to confirm the following “readiness” details and a date for your installation: • Site preparation requirements • Safety surfacing (type and depth) • Underground utilities locations • Coordination with other trades • Accessibility to the site for deliveries and installation equipment

  7. Be Ready ! • Regardless of whether you have contracted with a GameTime Factory-Certified Installer or intend to complete your own installation, all of the “readiness” details need to be addressed prior to your delivery. • Failure to do so will result in installation delays which will be frustrating for you and, more importantly, for your children….and could result in additional expenses such as storage fees, installer’s return trips and even the cost of misplaced or lost parts.

  8. Honk ! Honk !Your GameTime delivery is here ! • Your GameTime freight carrier will call you 24 hours in advance to arrange your delivery. • You will need two to three people to help the Driver unload your order. The Driver does not have a forklift, so all equipment will have to be off-loaded by hand. • Additional manpower will be required if you have ordered a huge MegaRock Climber , accessible Dragon, Spiral Slide, BigFoot Slide or similarly large component

  9. It’s Here ! Now What ? • Your equipment will arrive unassembled on large, shrink-wrapped pallets. You may break the wrapping for off-loading. • Look for a box(es) marked “INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ENCLOSED” and set it aside in a secured place where it will not be moved around , misplaced or at the risk of getting wet. • Make sure that you have a secure location to store your equipment until installation. Indoor storage is ideal, but outdoor (secured) is okay.

  10. Important ! • Your Driver will give you a “Delivery Check Sheet / Bill of Lading” when he arrives. This document will identify the number of boxes in your shipment as well as a listing (by GameTime component part number) of all equipment included in your order. • Ask for this document if not provided by the Driver prior to off-loading the truck. • Remember, GameTime allows up to 60 days from the day your order leaves the factory to report missing items and/or damage.

  11. Be thorough…… • All boxes and/or large parts are marked with a sequential number that coincides with a number identified on your Delivery Check Sheet. • Note (X) each box/large component on your Delivery Check Sheet as it is off-loaded as having been received. • Note any boxes or components that appear to have been damaged on your Delivery Check Sheet. Do not necessarily be concerned with the contents of a damaged box….just note that the box was broken or damaged.

  12. And before signing for/accepting your delivery…..and allowing the Driver to leave…. • Note all missing boxes/shortages and damaged items on both your copy and the original Delivery Check Sheet….and contact your GameTime/Dominica Recreation Products Customer Service Representative: 1-800-432-0162 - FL – Pat DuBerke (X102) - GA/TN – Kimberly Hunt (X106)

  13. Thank You ! • Thank you again for allowing us to be of service to you. We take great pride in the quality of service we provide for our clients and look forward to future opportunities to assist you with your playground projects. • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions as your playground project progresses.