post georges disaster mitigation in antigua and barbuda
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Post-Georges Disaster Mitigation in Antigua and Barbuda

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Post-Georges Disaster Mitigation in Antigua and Barbuda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Post-Georges Disaster Mitigation in Antigua and Barbuda. Funded by a special appropriation by the U.S. Congress to countries affected by Hurricanes Georges and Mitch, through USAID/Jamaica Roundtable Objectives. OAS hazard mitigation philosophy

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post georges disaster mitigation in antigua and barbuda

Post-GeorgesDisaster Mitigationin Antigua and Barbuda

Funded by a special appropriation bythe U.S. Congress to countries affected by

Hurricanes Georges and Mitch, through USAID/Jamaica

roundtable objectives
Roundtable Objectives
  • OAS hazard mitigation philosophy
  • Introduce Post-Georges Disaster Mitigation project
  • Design local project management arrangements
  • Draft a project agreement between the OAS and the Government of Antigua/Barbuda
  • Outline draft workplan for start-up period
hazard mitigation philosophy
Hazard Mitigation Philosophy
  • Natural hazards are an integral part of development
  • Poorly planned or executed development contributes to vulnerability and disaster loss
  • Conversely, effective disaster loss reduction is best achieved as part of well-designed and executed development plans and investment projects
development as contributing factor to hazard risk
Development as Contributing Factor to Hazard Risk
  • Site Vulnerability
    • Location in hazardous area without adequate protection
  • Structural Vulnerability
    • Inadequate design, standards, maintenance
  • Loss of Natural Protection
    • Deforestation, loss of reefs and dunes
disasters don t pay impact versus relief
Disasters Don’t Pay:Impact versus relief

Dominica: Luis and Marilyn (1995)

  • Estimated damages in 1995: 35% of GDP
  • Grant and loan financing pledges (including insurance payments): 38% of damages
  • Insurance payments: 13 % of damages

[Balances as of August 1996]

mitigation policy tools and stakeholders
Mitigation Policy Tools and Stakeholders
  • Policy Tools
    • Risk Avoidance: land use regulation, financial incentives, risk information disclosure
    • Risk Spreading and Transfer: insurance, diversification, redundancy
    • Risk Reduction: retrofitting, building codes, protective works
  • Stakeholders: Homeowners, Builders, Government, Business, Insurance, Lenders
hazard mitigation lessons
Hazard Mitigation Lessons
  • Reverse vulnerability accumulation trends with policies and programs that support effective land use planning and control.
  • Give natural hazard assessment the same importance as environmental impact assessment for major investment projects.
  • Leverage development financing (public and private sector) to increase resilience to disasters.
hazard mitigation challenges
Hazard Mitigation Challenges
  • Making Disasters a Development Issue
    • Recognition that investment decisions determine level of vulnerability
    • Understanding costs/benefits of mitigation
  • Marketing Mitigation
    • Overcome misconceptions
    • Improve the understanding of risk posed by prevalent hazards
    • Develop effective alternatives to regulation
pgdm project goal
PGDM Project Goal

To reduce the vulnerabilityof population and economic activitiesto natural hazards*through enhanced capacityfor hazard mitigation

* includes tropical storms and related flooding and seismic and volcanic hazards

project objectives
Project Objectives
  • Develop and begin implementation of national hazard mitigation policy/plan.
  • Strengthen national building code use / enforcement; improve building practices.
  • Enhance national emergency shelter policies and programs.
  • Increase public understanding of the need and options for hazard mitigation.
project objectives cont d
Project Objectives (cont’d)

Hazard Mitigation CommitteeHazard Mitigation Policy/Plan

ImprovedBuilding Practices


Shelter Strengthening

Public Information and Education

project context and links
Project Context and Links

CDERA Shelter managementPublic awareness

Government of Antigua and Barbuda Existing policies, programs

International Donors

GTZ: Early Warning Systems


US National Trust for

Historic Preservation

Hazard mitigation

for cultural resources

USAID/OAS Post-GeorgesDisaster Mitigation Project

Other Resources:



OAS/WB/GEF CPACC Economic instruments

A/B Government Agencies

Training in mitigation planning, post-disaster

mitigation, building inspection, hurricane


CIMHStorm HazardMapping

National Development Fndn

Housing retrofit program,

safer housing roundtable

USAID/OAS Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project

project management
Project Management

National DisasterMitigation Committee

Policy making,

project guidance

Technical assistance, project supervision, international organization liaison





OAS Projectmanagement (DC)





Local representation,government liaison,

logistical support

OAS Antigua and Barbuda

oas responsibilities
OAS Responsibilities
  • Establish and maintain project workplan
  • Technical guidance and assistance towards achieving the primary project objectives
  • Participate in regular USAID planning / supervision meetings
  • Project reporting: quarterly progress and financial reports
  • Comply with all USAID grant requirements
http www oas org pgdm
  • Public information
  • Exchange of project information between participants
  • HAZARD: probability of occurrence, within a given time period and area, of a potentially damaging phenomenon.*
  • RISK: expected damage or loss from a given hazard. Is a function of hazard characteristics (probability, intensity, extent) and vulnerability. *
  • VULNERABILITY: degree of loss to a given element at risk, resulting from the occurrence of a phenomenon of a given magnitude. *
  • HAZARD MITIGATION: An activity undertaken to eliminate or reduce the degree of long term RISK to human life and property from a HAZARD.

* UNDRO [now OCHA]