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Wow!. Nigeria. Work by: Iiyonna walker, Cameron Collins, Isaac Guyton. Information .

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Work by: Iiyonna walker, Cameron Collins, Isaac Guyton

  • Nigeria is one third larger than Texas and the most popular country is situated on the gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Its total area is 923,770 coast line 853 km. Its religion is Christianity and Islam . Also Nigeria's Flag color is green with white stripes.
  • flag color is green with green and white stripes.
nigeria landforms
Nigeria Landforms
  • One of Nigeria’s landform is Zuma Rock located in NiA Federal Capital Territory and city named after Abu Ja, King of the Hausa Kingdom of Zazzau, who founded the original town of Abuja in 1828. It was renamed Suleja in the 1970s when work was under way on a new capital city. Present‐day Abuja is nearby and has been the purpose‐built capital of Nigeria since 1991. Located close to the geographical centre of Nigeria, the new capital was intended to relieve the congestion in the previous coastal capital, Lagos, besides taking advantage of the equable climate and the rough ethnic balance in the area.
important people famous

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Important People/Famous
  • Benedict Chukka Enowonu is Nigeria’s leading painter and sculptor .Dick Tiger is the greatest fighter in Africa’s history ,he is one of the best.
  • Michael olowokandi is a famous Nigerian professional basketball player.
egypt agriculture
Egypt agriculture
  • Nigeria is very blessed with agricultural resources, and if you remember, this is the reason for the 'green' in the flag. Most parts of the country experience rich soil, and good rainfall, not to mention the warm year-round temperatures. About 80 percent of the land is cultivable, and about 13 percent of the land is forested, and livestock are also maintained by farmers. There are four vegetation belts the coastal mangrove swamps
  • the rain forest
  • the woodland savanna
  • the northern savannas
  • Before Independence in 1960, agriculture was the foundation for the human economy in Nigeria, and Nigeria was self-sufficient in terms of food. However, with the combination of the decline to the agricultural focus with the discovery of oil and industry, and the population growth, Nigeria eventually had to start importing a lot of food. However, after a while, programs started to develop to take the nation back to it's soil, and other areas of agriculture (like forestry and fisheries) have grown in the last decade or more. You can read a little more about this in the economic history section of the site.