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Networking 101

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Networking 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presenter : Kyra Young SCS Program Coordinator. Networking 101. SCS Career Planning Webinar Series presents. How to Participate in the Webinar. 1) Chat & Questions . If you do NOT have access to a mic and do not call in with a phone, you can use the Questions feature

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networking 101


Kyra Young

SCS Program


Networking 101

SCS Career Planning Webinar Series


how to participate in the webinar
How to Participate in the Webinar

1) Chat & Questions. If you do NOT

have access to a mic and do not call in with

a phone, you can use the Questions feature

to type a question that you want to ask to

the presenters. At the end of the

presentation, the facilitator will read out

loud any questions that come through this


2) Raise Hand. For most of the webinar,

all participants will be in listen-only mode,

meaning they will be muted. When the

presenter opens the floor for questions,

people will not be unmuted unless they use

the Raise Hand function.

  • Defining a network
  • Who are my networks?
  • When do I use them?
  • 7 Tips for Networking
net work net wurk
Network [netwurk]

A relationship with someone who can help you ___________________.








YOU define, create, and sustain YOUR NETWORKS through the

cultivation of mutually beneficial, give-and-take relationships.

activity eco map
Activity: Eco Map

Relationship Type:

Strong 

Weak -------------



Description:Representation of the relationships in your life by importance, strength, and costs & benefits.

Purpose:Helps you define, create, and sustain your relationships.


1) The innermost circle represents you. Write the names of closest relationships in 2nd circle and names of distant ones outside the circles.

2) Draw lines from you to each name based on the strong, weak, and difficult scale.

3) Draw arrows at the end of the lines symbolizing who gives and takes from the relationship. Hint: If no one gives or takes, don’t draw an arrow.

Distant Relationships

when you need assistance
When YOU need assistance!
  • Refer back to network definition
  • Have you ever heard of social capital?

It’s not always about what you know but WHO YOU KNOW.

  • Examples:

Issue: Need letter of recommendation?

Who do you know?:mentor, professor, counselor, employer

Issue: Need a summer job?

Who do you know?:Kyra at SCS, friend’s dad owns company

You should also use your networks when a friend is in need. However, use your better judgment to avoid a favor becoming a habitual expectation.



2)Ask [easy] questions

3) Ditch the sales pitch

4) Share your passion(s)


6) Share the conversation

7)Follow up!

Most importantly, BE YOURSELF!!!

Seven (7) Tips



For more detailed information, see article:

  • What?: Anetwork is a relationship in which someone helps you based on your needs
  • Who? & Where?: Anyone that can help! Everywhere! (Use the Eco Map to see who is already in your circle.)
  • When?: Depends on when YOU (or one of your relations) need assistance
  • Why?:It’s not always about WHAT you know but WHO YOU KNOW!!!
  • How?: 7 Tips for Networking. BE YOURSELF!


For any questions that were unanswered or you would just like more information, please email me at

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