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HH2 Energy Inc & HydroLectric Power LLC receives Offshore 15 PowerPoint Presentation
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HH2 Energy Inc & HydroLectric Power LLC receives Offshore 15

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HH2 Energy Inc & HydroLectric Power LLC receives Offshore 15 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HH2 Energy Inc & HydroLectric Power LLC receives Offshore 15,000 unit Order, creating hundreds of USA jobs. Testing show emissions reductions+MPG gains

(1888PressRelease) Today 11-16-2011, a firm order from an offshore entity for 15,000 USA made HH2® Hydrogen Clean Air Systems. Systems will be made in USA by USA workers and exported to the buyers country. University testing clearly proved that HH2 units reduce or eliminate toxic emissions and improve vehicle fuel economy for gasoline engines.

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA - An offshore order that has been pending based upon HH2® Hydrogen Clean Air Combustion Systems proving reductions of toxic exhaust emissions and improvements in fuel economy has been received.

The initial order is for 15,000 HH2® units for passenger gasoline vehicles.

Real time on road testing was conducted by the buyer and a well known University, those tests clearly showed the HH2® Clean Air Combustion System, did function as promised and reduced or completely eliminated toxic tailpipe emissions in several Honda Civic test vehicles.

In addition, fuel economy improved and further on-road testing will establish percentage improvements from over the road tests in progress, first reports show 30% or more in fuel economy road tests so far.

The offshore buyer prefers to keep their identity confidential at this time, they will make their own announcements when they are ready.


Officials and business leaders were amazed as they knelt down to take a whiff of the tailpipes on the test car, a comment was made, "I did not believe a product like this existed in the world today"; by a major financial official.

Dramatic power increases were noted, as driving with the HH2® system changes the dynamic performance and operation of a vehicle. Just slight gas pedal pressure is now needed and the vehicle coasts easily when the throttle is released.

More testing reports will be made public in the near future when comprehensive diesel testing is complete.

Hundreds of USA Jobs will be created and HH2® is working with LA Workforce to assist in the placement program.

HH2® is also seeking USA Mfg's to make and assemble the Water Fuel Cells as major USA orders are in the works.

HH2® is a private entity that has been working 6 years developing and proving the technology and the main objective has always been Safety for the consumer.

HH2® products are under consideration for Taxi Cabs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.