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health care reform and tainted journalism - the liberal medi PowerPoint Presentation
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health care reform and tainted journalism - the liberal medi

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health care reform and tainted journalism - the liberal medi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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(1888PressRelease) How the American people were scammed by left-leaning editors, the AMA, and the White House.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'health care reform and tainted journalism - the liberal medi' - donaldhood

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Health Care Reform and Tainted Journalism - The Liberal Media, Obamacare, and Your Health

(1888PressRelease) How the American people were scammed by left-leaning editors, the AMA, and the White House.

San Diego, CA - Back in 2010, Doctor Adam Dorin formed the group Physicians Against Obamacare, a grassroots project that channeled the angst of the 'silent majority' of private practice doctors to rally against the misguided, troubling legislation we now know as Obamacare.

The group quickly became a movement, a National Doctors Tea Party gathering (August, 2010, San Diego), and the present-day organization called America's Medical Society. The energy that motivated the founder of these endeavors, Adam F. Dorin, M.D., MBA, a board-certified anesthesiologist, medical partner, small business owner, published author and Naval officer, was the deception and misinformation he witnessed in the company of media editors and within the medical establishment itself.

"From editorial and directors' boards I had sat on for many years, to leaders of medical societies, to lay magazine and newspaper editors themselves, I was astounded to witness such fierce resistance to any challenges or concerns questioning the wisdom of the 'Affordable Care Act' legislation," says Dorin.

Doctor Dorin adds, "This was our job, as medical leaders and medical writers, to question the lack of tort reform, the drastic cuts in Medicare, the irresponsible transfer of clinical responsibility to less qualified non-physician 'providers', the absence of interstate health insurance company competition, and the fiscal miscalculations--many of which we are now being affirmed as serious weaknesses in the Obamacare law."


Unfortunately, as Doctor Dorin notes, these important discussions were muted or ignored by the mainstream medical establishment and by many medical journals and magazines because they were instead focused only on the singular, partisan, and ideological goal of pushing universal health care at any cost. Doctor Dorin's biggest concern today is not the billions of dollars of miscalculations and wasted resources (and time spent fighting the flawed PPACA law), but the "yet-to-be-seen" quality of care disasters awaiting the American people "if Obamacare is not stopped dead in its tracks."

The mission of America's Medical Society ( and Doctor Dorin have been to bring facts and unreported concerns to the forefront so that a healthy debate, with accurate facts, can guide a sensible path toward safe, cost-effective medical system "re-engineering" for generations to come. "The United States," says Dorin, "is in dire fiscal shape; we cannot afford another two years wasted on legislation about which many initially disregarded naysayers are now being proved 100% correct. What we need right now is to return to free-market principles to build comprehensive and intelligent health care reforms. And for that Obamacare must be immediately discarded. There is no time to waste. The health of future generations of Americans depends upon it."

Doctor Dorin and America's Medical Society have now had an open, public 'Health Care Reform Debate Challenge' before the American Medical Association and other supporters of the 'Affordable Care Act' for almost a year--with no takers.