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Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center Helping New Englanders Achiev PowerPoint Presentation
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Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center Helping New Englanders Achiev

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Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center Helping New Englanders Achiev - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center Helping New Englanders Achiev' - donaldhood

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Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center Helping New Englanders Achieve the Hard body Six-Pack Abs, Easily with VASER Hi Def LipoSculpture

(1888PressRelease) The Director of Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Edwin Ishoo, offers an easy solution for those who are frustrated despite sweating and grunting to achieve six-pack abs. BCSC is featured in the January 2011 issue of Boston Magazine as a premier provider of innovative cosmetic procedures such as VASER® Hi Def LipoSculpture in New England.

Boston, MA-NH - Dr. Edwin Ishoo is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in cosmetic facial surgery and advanced body contouring at Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center, with locations in Marshfield and Brookline. If you're looking for a little help to finally get into your best shape, look into Dr. Ishoo's VASER® Hi Def LipoSculpture. Dr. Ishoo is the only physician in New England offering this unique and transforming 3-D body sculpting procedure which is designed for already active individuals who want true body definition and not just debulking liposuction.


Most people dream of an abdomen that looks muscular and trim. There are endless diets and exercise regimens developed by experts to this end, but continuing such strict daily disciplined workouts, and maintaining extremely restricted meals with multiple vitamin and protein supplements is just not practical for many people. As we age, it gets harder to keep off excess fat, especially in the middle. So, if you cannot see your abdominal muscles no matter how many crunches you do every day, how much water you drink, and how healthy you eat, you can still get those sculpted abs with VASER® Hi Def LipoSculpture. For women, that beautiful, curvy, tight waist and athletic abdomen is now possible. For men, our bodies inevitably accumulate fat in predictable areas, notably beneath the chin, the abdomen, the flanks (love handles), and in the breasts which in men is called gynecomastia. Now that beach body that many have only dreamed of can finally be a reality.

"For the patients that continue to exercise and build up their muscle mass, they'll enhance their natural results, so it's not a replacement for the gym, it's a way of significantly enhancing their body contour and definition", Dr. Ishoo said.

Traditional liposuction techniques whether it is tumescent, ultrasonic or laser based, have been limited to "debulking" or simply reducing volume or body circumference, and do little to provide a more athletic or muscular appearance. This is because most or all of the fat removed is deep fat, whereas superficial fat is the layer that gives muscular contour and definition. Unless you get to extremely low body fat (that is unsustainable unless you are an athlete), the chiseled abdomen and sculpted torso that you dream of will remain essentially a dream. "Unlike regular liposuction which is performed in cases of failure of diet and exercise, VASER® Hi Def is performed to celebrate the individual's success with exercise and healthy habits" said Dr. Edwin Ishoo.

If you are moderately overweight, hate those genetically resistant fat deposits, or spend hours relentlessly exercising and dieting without successfully realizing your goals, VASER® Hi Def LipoSculpture may finally help you achieve the body you desire.


For more information on VASER® Hi Def or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ishoo at Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center, please call (888) 875-1845 or visit

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