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(1888PressRelease) Gold has fascinated mankind for millennia.

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    1. Explains Why Gold has Captured the Desire of Mankind for Thousands of Years (1888PressRelease) Gold has fascinated mankind for millennia. MIAMI, FL - Gold has held a magical allure and fascination for mankind for millennia. King Midas wished for everything he touched to turn to gold; of course this backfired on him, but the desire is the main point here! Olympic athletes get gold medals, we talk about 'golden' days or 'golden' boys (or girls) and we give gold stars to students producing excellent work. Not only has gold become synonymous with excellence, but when we want to talk about wealth we tend to talk in terms of gold also. If a city or country has the rumored potential to enable wealth and success then we say 'the streets are paved with gold'; even a beautiful sunset casts a golden glow in the sky - although clouds, apparently, have a silver lining. So we are almost brainwashed into the assumption that gold is symbolic of perfection, and extreme wealth. In fact, gold was an accepted form of currency for centuries and the gold standard backed major currencies until relatively recent times. So what is the great attraction? Gold is durable; most of the gold ever mined is still in existence. Pure, 24 carat, gold is malleable, making it ideal for craftsmen to work with and create beautiful ornamental objects. Simply stated, gold has an intrinsic beauty that apparently gives it an irresistible appeal. It may well be that some investors simply love to own gold. Perhaps this explains the reason why gold is seen as the ultimate safety net when fiat currencies are failing and the economy is in crisis. There is little doubt that gold is the favorite choice for investors looking to safeguard their wealth. Gold earns trust; it holds its value while also having the advantage of being easily marketable.

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