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Alfred Bergman and SLS Health Volunteer Services for Putnam PowerPoint Presentation
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Alfred Bergman and SLS Health Volunteer Services for Putnam

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Alfred Bergman and SLS Health Volunteer Services for Putnam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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(1888PressRelease) SLS RES is a nationally recognized, private, CARF Accredited program located in Brewster, New York. The residential and clinic facilities at SLS Health, now SLS RES offer transitional living programs that are comfortable, warm and welcoming.

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Alfred Bergman and SLS Health Volunteer Services for Putnam County Treatment Court Team

(1888PressRelease) SLS RES is a nationally recognized, private, CARF Accredited program located in Brewster, New York. The residential and clinic facilities at SLS Health, now SLS RES offer transitional living programs that are comfortable, warm and welcoming.

Brewster, NY - Alfred Bergman, co-founder and director for SLS Health, is proud to be a part of the Putnam County Treatment Court Team. Recently, the work of these outstanding volunteers including SLS Health was addressed in a letter from a member of the Treatment Court Team in light of one particular success story.

The letter from Robert DeLetis, a Treatment Court Team member, highlighting a success story of a 35 year old woman who was remanded to the Putnam County Correctional Facility, is below. After being allowed the opportunity to attend SLS Health, co-founded by Alfred Bergman to receive treatment, she was able to become sober and has remained that way for over 9 months.

Drug treatment courts are specialized community courts designed to help stop people in the community from continuing to abuse drugs, alcohol, and continue with self-destructive behaviors or related criminal activity. Non-violent offenders who have been charged with simple possession of drugs are given the option to receive treatment instead of a jail sentence. Along with the judge, who oversees each case, the Putnam County Treatment Team consists of volunteers from all areas agencies.


These include treatment facilities (SLS Health, Putnam Family, Search for Change and Arms Acres) along with assigned people from the DA's office, Legal Aid, Probation Department as well as representatives from Putnam County Correctional Facility. From the onset the judge and team traces progressions and lapses through random drug testing, probation visits, weekly monitoring attendance to treatment sessions and self-report.

An import aspect of the court is accountability. The rules are clearly defined and each participant chooses his or her own path to recovery. If a participant fails to meet the minimum requirements set forth by the court, immediate and graduated sanctions are imposed. The judge reviews with the team, all of the participants situations and rules accordingly. For example, a participant who fails a drug test might be assigned an essay; complete community services or even spend time in the correctional facility. For determined individuals, complement of the program might bring about dismissal of charges, a reduced sentence, a lessor penalty, or a combination of these.

I bring this to your attention because for the past five years, I have had the honor of serving on Putnam County Treatment Court Team, headed by Judge James Reitz. Over this time I have had the privilege of seeing this court in action as well as representing SLS Health. This team is amazing in all that they do, knowledge they possess, and compassion that they have to better people's lives. We all volunteer our time, energy, and ideas to help better the participants in this area to get sober, remain sober and live healthy and productive lives.

Being part of this court has truly changed the way that I see my life, opened my eyes to other ways to work with people, see how people truly changed their lives after dealing with addiction, legal issues and emotional issues. Treatment Court alone is not the answer. However, this court gives the participant the needed motivation to succeed in life. IN addition to this court, there are many other important factors that lead to success. These include treatment, family, probation, community support groups, friends and healthy supports as well as a positive desire to change their behaviors.


An example of success that I witnessed was from a 35 year old woman who I met in the Putnam County Correctional Facility, where she notes, was her lowest point. She was just discharged from a treatment facility, headed back to court to face the music. Knowing what was in store for her (incarceration in jail or even possible prison time) when she arrived at the court she got scared and started running away. Not thinking she would ever get caught. However, she was and like she anticipated, she was remanded to jail.

During this time of reflection she was given the opportunity to attend SLS Health to receive treatment. WHAT A MIRACLE!!!! During her stay, there were ups and downs; old behaviors came back but one day she just got HONEST. She told the court something that she had done; they were amazed at her insight, honesty and took a chance again. This pivotal moment was where this woman took charge of her own life, matured and took accountability for her actions and more importantly, her life. This began her miraculous recovery.

Her attitude grew leaps and bounds, herself destructive behaviors began to decrease, her ability to relate to herself and her peers flourished and she graduated the Putnam County Treatment Court, had her charges vacated and still remains clean and sober to this writing after graduating about 9 months ago. Just the fact that I was part of this, witnessed this amazing transformation and still keep in contact with this person truly is a testament to how good life really is!!!

About SLS RES, Formerly SLS Health

SLS Health was founded in 1986 by Alfred Bergman and Dr. Joseph Santoro in order to bring innovative and effective care and treatment to adults experiencing persistent psychiatric, psychological and dual diagnosis problems. SLS Health, now SLS RES offers over 22 years of experience improving the lives of persons with co-occurring psychiatric and alcohol and substance abuse disorders. SLS RES employs a multi-disciplinary approach involving every aspect of a person's life. SLS RES cares for each person as an individual in a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment.


For additional information, contact:

Alfred Bergman


2505 Carmel Ave, Suite 210

Brewster, NY 10509


abergman ( @ ) slshealth dot com