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Greg Lackey. Online Advertising. Advertising Life Cycle. The Past Mass media Current Media fragmentation The Future Target market Audio/visual enhancements. Source: Why Use Online Advertising?. Immediate Cost-effective Measurable Audio/visual responsive

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Greg lackey l.jpg

Greg Lackey

Online Advertising

Advertising life cycle l.jpg
Advertising Life Cycle

  • The Past

    • Mass media

  • Current

    • Media fragmentation

  • The Future

    • Target market

    • Audio/visual enhancements

Why use online advertising l.jpg
Why Use Online Advertising?

  • Immediate

  • Cost-effective

  • Measurable

  • Audio/visual responsive

  • Grows the brand

  • Delivers sales

Types of online advertising l.jpg
Types of Online Advertising

  • Banner ads (Double-click)

  • Audio/Visual Ads (Flash)

  • Search linked ads (Google Adwords)

  • Context linked ads (Google AdSense)

  • Social Advertising (Facebook)

Audio visual advertisements l.jpg
Audio Visual Advertisements

  • Rich media ads are viewed six times more often than non-rich media ads

  • More interactive than standard banners

  • Flash ads increased brand awareness by 71% for 3 different sized ads

Search linked advertising l.jpg
Search Linked Advertising

  • Very good performance

  • Rapid growth but small part of market

  • Highly effective

  • Relevant, yet not obtrusive

  • Has expanded rapidly in last few years

  • Expectation of further growth…

Stock market evaluation l.jpg
Stock Market Evaluation

How google ads work l.jpg
How Google Ads Work

  • Advertiser bids on search terms

    • Traffic Estimator

  • Ordering

    • Ads ranked by bid multiplied by estimated CTR

    • Puts best ads on top of page

Setting up a google ad l.jpg
Setting Up A Google Ad

  • Choose your creative text

    • Standardized size

  • Choose your keywords

    • Exact, broad, phrase, negative keyword

  • Choose your max CPC

  • Set daily budget

Technology l.jpg

  • Engine to match ads to queries

    • Choose most relevant ads using various criteria

    • Returns up to 10 ads to show on a page

    • Promotion policy: depends on CTR performance and CPC

Payment l.jpg

  • Price you pay depends on bidder below you

    • Pay minimum necessary to keep you above that person

  • Why not pay your actual bid?

    • Would then want to cut bid to just enough more than adv below you to keep your position

Increasing revenue l.jpg
Increasing Revenue

  • Increase CPC

  • Increasing coverage

  • Increase depth

  • Increase CTR

Social advertising l.jpg
Social Advertising

  • Reach millions of social networking site users

  • Micro-target select groups of people

  • Choose CPM or CPC

  • Create multiple ad campaigns

Facebook advertising l.jpg
Facebook Advertising

  • Image and text based ads

  • 175,000,000 active Facebook users

  • Target by demographics

  • Micro-targeted advertisements

Advertiser optimization l.jpg
Advertiser Optimization

  • Gain insight

  • Track your progress

  • Determine your value per click

  • Make text/picture modifications to maximize your results