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CSE Promotion and Tenure. Faculty Tenure and Promotion – Provost website. http://www.academic.umn.edu/provost/faculty/tenure/index.html. Departmental 7.12 Statements (New). http://www.academic.umn.edu/provost/faculty/tenure/7_12approved.html. Resources on Promotion and Tenure.

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Cse promotion and tenure

CSE Promotion

and Tenure

Cse promotion and tenure

Faculty Tenure and Promotion – Provost website


Departmental 7.12 Statements (New)


Resources on Promotion

and Tenure

Procedures for Reviewing Candidates for P&T


Cse promotion and tenure


Department P & T Committee reviews the record and makes a recommendation.

The department head or designee assembles the dossier, department head requests letters from outside reviewers.


Department faculty vote

Department head writes letter of recommendation, dossier sent to CSE Dean’s office


CSE P & T Advisory Committee makes recommendation to the dean

Dean’s letter to candidates about the Advisory Committee’s recommendations, candidate’s response


CSE dean’s recommendation to SVPP


SVPP’s recommendation to the Board of Regents

Promotion and Tenure Process

Cse promotion and tenure

Nov. 18

Files available in 105 Walter for Advisory Committee

Jan. 13

Dean’s letter to candidates about CSE Advisory Committee recommendations

Jan. 20

Candidate’s responses due

Jan. 27

Due in SVPP office

CSE Promotion and Tenure Schedule

for 2011 – 12 (Dates for 2012-13 Will be Announced this Fall)

Nov. 11

Files from departments due in dean’s office

Dec. 19

One-half of recommendations to dean’s office

Jan. 9

Rest of recommendations to dean’s office

Cse promotion and tenure

CSE Promotion and Tenure History


# submitted

# denied


32 (11.5%)

Tenure files

Promotion files


15 (5.5 %)

Cse promotion and tenure

What is New in the 2012 Procedures

•Section II.C.3 Voting Procedures

–If tenured faculty are absent from a meeting in which tenure and promotion votes are held, they can vote on a password-protected, secure web site instead of presenting a written, sealed ballot ahead of time.

–E-mail, proxy and phone votes are still not permitted because they are not secret ballots.

Cse promotion and tenure

Important Reminder for Department Heads

•Section II.D Explaining the process to the candidate

Each unit head must meet with new faculty in their first probationary year and

•Provide them with the tenure regulations, Procedures, and the unit 7.12 statement.

•Explain unit procedures to the faculty member.

•Make a dated, written record of the meeting and send to SVPP. This can done at the candidate’s first annual review and included as a note in the Form 12 statement.

Cse promotion and tenure

What is New in the 2012 Procedures

New Clarification

•Probationary faculty members must have an annual review every year, even during the year that they have extended the probationary period.

–The extension is not a leave in most cases.

Cse promotion and tenure

Extension of the Probationary Period

  • Continuation year refers to the next contract year of a faculty member (i.e., an academic year or twelve months) following the grant to that faculty member of an extension of the probationary period under subsection 5.5 of Faculty Tenure

    • In the definitions section

    • Explained further in Section II.E.3

Cse promotion and tenure

What is New in the 2012 Procedures

•Throughout the Procedures, it is repeated that candidates have the right to add to their dossier and to respond to reviews at each level throughout the process.

Cse promotion and tenure

What Is New re Promotion of Associate Professors

•Required review of associate professors every four years to give feedback about his/her progress toward promotion to professor

–Could be done during the annual review of tenured faculty or in the context of a merit review

–Must be in writing (form to be developed shortly)

Cse promotion and tenure

Mandatory Text in Letter to All Reviewers

“Your letter will become part of Dr. ----------’s personnel file. The Minnesota Government Data Practices act allows an employee complete access to the contents of that file upon request. According to our procedural rules, your letter will be available to Dr. ------------.”

DO NOT augment, diminish, comment, discuss these three sentences - just leave them be.

Cse promotion and tenure

Mandatory Text in Letter to All Reviewers if Probationary Period was Extended

Also, the University of Minnesota’s Procedures for Reviewing Candidates for Tenure and/or Promotion require me to inform you that Dr. ------------’s probationary period was extended one year according to factors permissible in our tenure policy. We ask you to regard Dr. ----------’s total probationary period as six years in length, even though his appointment may have been for seven years. Please evaluate his productivity accordingly.

Cse promotion and tenure

Format of P&T Files Period was Extended

The P&T file should be in one pdf formatted as described in Dossier Format 2012-13. This file should contain only the selected publications. This file will be sent to the Provost along with the Dean’s recommendation.

A separate supplementary file with pdf versions of every publication of the candidate should be prepared. These files will be available for review at the college level, but they will not be forwarded to the Provost unless requested.