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Optimizing sds for openstack PowerPoint Presentation
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Optimizing sds for openstack

Optimizing sds for openstack

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Optimizing sds for openstack

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  1. Optimizing sds for openstack Jason brown, emc Ben silverman, mirantis

  2. Jason brown • Job: ScaleIO Product Marketing Manager • Mission: Driving ScaleIO + OpenStack education and adoption with customers and community • 15 years in tech • Experience in ENG, PM, and PMM • EMC Elect 2016

  3. Ben silverman • Job: Cloud Architect at Mirantis • Mission: Make magic from unicorn tears and kitty glitter to architect OpenStack solutions. • Prior to Mirantis, Architected and Engineered first OpenStack cloud at American Express (Icehouse) with 5000+ instances. • Member of Performance and Scale OpenStack Group

  4. Why we’re here • To talk about software-defined storage (SDS) • To talk about how automation of SDS helps with optimization • To talk about various deployment methods for SDS and how they can help • To show how our products help with the above topics • To answer your questions • To have fun!

  5. Traditional storage challenges High SPEND on Storage Hardware • Inability to • SCALE • to Meet • Demands RIGID Acquisition&DeploymentModels Lack of Data Center AGILITY Vendor LOCK-IN

  6. What is sds? • SDS = SDS Controller Software + Server-Based Storage • No proprietary hardware components • Custom ASICs, chipsets, CPUs, etc • Runs on multiple (physical or virtual) instances • Standalone / autonomous system • Storage services • Data persistence Source: IDC, WW Software-Defined Storage Taxonomy, 2016

  7. SDS Benefits Decouple Software from Hardware Lifecycle Flexible Procurement Path to CLOUD Leverage Industry Standard HW • 50%COST SAVINGS Source: Gartner 2015

  8. architecture of sds It’s like the Ben & Jerry’s of storage! Source: IDC, Worldwide Software-Defined Storage Taxonomy 2016

  9. Trends: CEO/CFO Goals: Information/data Make $$$ Resource Availability Storage Only Save $$$ Price/Expense Pressure IP Network x86 Reduce Risk x86 x86 x86 x86 Web/Cloud Scale validation .NOW x86 x86 x86 x86 x86 Hyper-Converged IP Network x86 x86 x86 x86 x86 x86 x86 x86 Protection Mngmt Sharing x86 x86 Operational Change x86 Islands of SAN’s x86 x86 x86 x86 20% - 40% ROI IP Network x86 x86 x86 x86 OR Capex/Opex$$$$$ 30% - 60% ROI Proprietary & Purpose Built HW Tech Refresh/Capex Cycles $$$$ Data Migrations Capacity Planning

  10. What is EMC scaleIO? Softwarethat uses application servers to create an elastic, scalable, and resilient Server SAN at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional SANs • Installs on industry-standard x86 servers that run databases, hypervisors, or any other applications • Aggregates application servers’ local disks • Add storage and/or compute on the fly ScaleIO agent (minimal footprint)

  11. Scaleio consumption choices VCE VxRack with FLEX Nodes ScaleIO Software VCE VxRack Node Software DefinedMaximum flexibility Lowest Risk, Highest Value, Lowest TCO Ultra Scale-Out SDS Scale-Out Block Storage Turnkey Software Defined IaaS • Fully productized platform • VCE factory integrated & logically configured • VCE Support & lifecycle assurance • HW + SW Bundle Package • High degree of flexibility / choice • End user supplies switch & rack • Software Only • Complete flexibility • End user supplies server • End user supplies switch • End user supplies rack BUILDBUY MANTAIN CONSUME

  12. Sds best practices • Determine cloud workloads first (your mission), then architect SDS. • Assess the performance requirements of the above workloads for your mission (write performance/replication factors/location). • Create separate front and backend storage networks if required. • Forecast initial capacity and growth. • Prepare for cultural shift in storage operations. • Create new ongoing capacity planning strategy.

  13. Automation leads to optimization • Mirantis Fuel • Fuel is an open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack. • Mirantis Fuel Plugin for EMC ScaleIO • Enables deployment and configuration of Mirantis OpenStack, along with deployment of a ScaleIO cluster as a storage backend.

  14. What about ceph? • Multi-purpose (Ceph) vs. purpose-built (ScaleIO) • Object store (Ceph) vs. native block (ScaleIO) • Tradeoffs = Overhead • Performance, performance, performance • Go here for more:

  15. Sds & Server san: the time is now Server SAN is projected to have a 23% CAGR from 2012 to 2026, with faster growth from 2014 to 2020 of 38% CAGR Server SAN market is projected to GROW Traditional enterprise storage market is projected to decline by 1Gartner, How to Determine Whether Software-Defined Storage Is Right for Your Organization, Julia Palmer, 13 July 2015 2Wikibon, Wikibon Premium Report: Server SAN 2012-2026, David Floyer, 15 July 2015 particularly for applications where either Wikibon strongly recommends that CTOs & CIOs initiate Server SAN pilot projects in 2015, 16% CAGR $50B LOW COST or HIGH PERFORMANCE “In 2017, more than 40% of Global 2000 enterprises will beinvolvedin POC studies for SDS solutions compared with 17% today.”1 is required.2 by 20262

  16. Next Steps Watch the ScaleIO / Ceph battle! where you’ll have access to whitepapers, videos, demos etc. Download Free & Frictionless version of ScaleIO Join the ECN ScaleIO Product Community Follow Us on Twitter @EMCScaleIO