Welcome to 8 th grade science coach mccarthy
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Welcome to 8 th Grade Science Coach McCarthy. AMS Belief Statement. * Positive Contributions Participation in class discussions Celebrate each other’s successes Taking care of our classroom equipment, supplies, and materials * Relationship Building

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Welcome to 8 th grade science coach mccarthy

Welcome to 8th Grade ScienceCoach McCarthy

Ams belief statement
AMS Belief Statement

  • * Positive Contributions

    • Participation in class discussions

    • Celebrate each other’s successes

    • Taking care of our classroom equipment, supplies, and materials

  • * Relationship Building

    • Be willing to work with different individuals and groups to share our differences

    • Be willing to help one another to promote team effort

  • * Safe and Caring Environment

    • Build each other up with positive, encouraging comments...no put downs

  • * Quality Education for all Students

    • Well behaved students allow for a classroom where everyone can learn without distractions or disruptions so everyone has an opportunity to be successful

  • Expectations

    • Be punctual/on time

      • I will open my door to allow everyone in the room, but once the door closes it will LOCK! Meaning if you have to knock, your late!

    Expectations continued
    Expectations Continued…

    • Be Respectful to others and classroom equipment!

      • If I deem you were disrespectful to another student including calling them names, fighting, etc. I will send you to the office.

      • Respect also includes the classroom equipment. DO NOT write on the desks/tables or cause damage to any equipment. That will automatically get you sent to the office!

    Expectations continued1

    Expectations Continued…


    I am a huge proponent of RESPECT! I will expect to be treated with respect by you and in return I will treat you with respect. Good rule for you to remember, it’s best to respond with a “yes sir” or “no sir.”

    The following are ways to disrespect me:

    Call me “Dude, Bro, Man.”

    Raising your voice at me.

    Lie to me! I will catch you!

    Classroom procedures
    Classroom Procedures

    • When you enter my room, you need to check the side table for a warm up activity. There may not be one there every day but most of the time there will be.

    • Also, check the board for instructions and to understand what your lesson is for the day.

    • Come prepared. I am not a Wal-Mart. I will not supply you with materials such as pencils and erasers.

    Hold the applause
    Hold the applause

    • Any assignment not finished during class time will become homework.

    • If class starts on time there will be very few instances where we can’t finish our work.

    • Homework:

      • I rarely give homework, however, I will expect any homework that is assigned to be turned in on time.

    Failed assignments extra credit
    Failed Assignments/Extra Credit

    • If you failed an assignment, quiz, or test there will be chances to increase your grade.

    • I will keep a drawer specifically for EXTRA CREDIT.

      • Extra credit assignments can replace an assignment grade completely.

      • Extra credit turned in for a quiz or test will add points to your grade up to a 70.

    Bathroom breaks
    Bathroom Breaks

    You have 4 minutes between classes so use that time wisely.

    I will judge if it’s a true emergency.

    Electronics technology

    • We will use technology in the classroom periodically, when its appropriate.

    • Don’t let me catch you using your phone in class without my permission. I WILL TAKE IT!


    • 1stPeriod: Class

    • 2nd Period: Conference

    • 3rd Period: Class

    • 4th Period: Class

    • Lunch: 12:12-12:42

    • 5th Period: Class

    • 6th Period: Class

    • 7th Period: Advisory

    • 8th Period: Athletics

    • If at ANY time you need help please ask!

    • Tutoring is available anytime you need it!

    • Football

    • Basketball

    • Baseball

    Coach mccarthy or coach mac
    Coach McCarthy or Coach Mac

    • This will be my 2nd year at AMS.

    • I coach football, basketball, and baseball here at GISD.

    • I graduated from UALR in 2009 with a BS in Science

    • I played 4 years of college baseball

    • I graduated from Flower Mound High School in 2004

    My family
    My Family

    • I have been married for 5 years now. My wife, Sheila and I have a 4 year old son Tryston and a 11 month old, Asher.

    Student introductions

    Student Introductions

    State your name:

    1 hobby or favorite thing you like to do:

    1 interesting fact about yourself: