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Relationships between Quantities Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities Linear & Exponential Functions. Describing Data Transformations in the Coordinate Plane Connecting Algebra and Geometry Through Coordinates. Units. What are we going to learn about?. Materials. Required

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  1. Relationships between Quantities Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities Linear & Exponential Functions Describing Data Transformations in the Coordinate Plane Connecting Algebra and Geometry Through Coordinates Units

  2. What are we going to learn about?

  3. Materials Required • Scientific calculator (TI-30X IIS preferred) • Pencils or Pens—NO sharpies, highlighters, crayons, or colored pencils • Erasers • Binder with math section or 3 pronged folder • Notebook paper Recommended • Graphing paper • Composition notebook for warm-ups Teacher’s Wish list • Pens and pencils for classroom use would be appreciated : ) • Tissue Boxes for classroom use would be appreciated : ) • Hand Sanitizer for classroom use would be appreciated : )

  4. Bathrooms • You will be allowed 3 bathroom breaks during class each nine week grading period. • More than 3 breaks will cost you something. • Remember, you can earn extra bathroom passes with raffle tickets.

  5. A little bit about Mrs. Layson • I am originally from DeLand, FL (20 miles west of Daytona Beach) • I graduated from DeLand High School (later I had the opportunity to do my student teaching there). • I earned my Associates degree at Daytona State College. • I went on to the University of Central Florida to earn my Bachelors degree…go Knights!!!!

  6. A little bit about Mrs. Layson • My ultimate goal is • to become a drama • teacher one day! • I moved to Douglasville, in 2008 for my first teaching job at Chapel Hill Middle School. I spent four years there teaching all levels of 7th grade math and even starting a drama club. • This is my 2nd year at NMHS teaching freshman math and co-sponsoring the drama club.

  7. A little bit about Mrs. Layson My hobbies include: • everything drama • eating dove dark chocolate • latch hooking • spending time with my family.

  8. A little bit about Mrs. Layson • Interesting fact: I became an aunt when I was only 7 years-old! • This past spring, my niece Ashley got married. • This summer two of my nephews made a video and entered it into a contest and they won! Pracercise Parody

  9. 2013-2014 Procedures: • At the beginning of class • No one leaves in the first 15 minutes. • Follow your teacher’s classroom “beginning of class” policy. • If you come through the door after I close it, you are tardy. • Hall Passes • You must have a pass with a time, destination, student name, teacher name, and signature. • You are expected to run your errand and return. Only go to the designated area you were given permission. • A time limit will be given by your teacher. If you exceed the time limit, a consequence will be assigned. • Electronic Devices • You are responsible for your electronic device. • You cannotcharge your device in the classroom. • Classrooms will not be searched for lost/stolen items. It is your responsibility to keep up with your belongings. • At the end of class • No one leaves in the last 15 minutes. • Update your calendar/organizer the last 5 minutes of class. • Remain seated until the bell rings…Do not line up at the door. Freshman Academy

  10. NON-NEGOTIABLES 1. Show respect for everyone (Peers and Authority Figures). • Clean your area after you eat. 2. Be on time to every class. 3. Use appropriate language. 4. Contribute to instruction in a positive way. • Stay awake and keep your head up in every class. 5. Follow the Dress Code • No Oversized Clothing. • No Beads • All tops must have sleeves that cover the whole shoulder (No tanktops) and tops must cover the chest area. • Maintain Proper Skirt / Short Length. Skirt or Shorts should never rise more than three inches above the knee. • No Sagging. • No undergarments showing • No Leggings, Jeggings, or Tights…unless covered by an acceptable skirt, shorts, or other acceptable item. • No Holes or large Frays above the knees for jeans/shorts. • No colored armbands • Nothing hanging from the pockets (coon tails, bandanas, etc.) • Hats must be out of sight or they will be taken and you will not get them back • No headphones/earbuds showing or in use *Violation of these policies will result in an office referral.

  11. What to do upon arriving in my classroom? • Enter my classroom quietly. • Pick up your assigned calculator. • Sharpen your pencils before class or right at the beginning (you will not sharpen pencils while I’m teaching!) • Borrow any allowed materials. • Sit in your assigned seat. • Get out your homework from the previous block that we met. • If you were absent, get out the work from the last day you were in class and go to the calendar to copy down what you missed. • Work on your Warm-up.

  12. Announcements There is absolutely NO TALKING during announcements, not even to me. Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. You either stand up or be written up…you decide. During the Moment of Silence, you MUST STOP whatever you are doing, i.e. writing, readying, sharpening your pencil.

  13. First 5-10 minutes of class • These minutes are mine!!!! • I am on a mission to: • Enter attendance into the computer • Explain the warm-up • Check your homework (I do this while you’re completing your Warm-up) • Do not interrupt me unless the building is on fire or someone is dying! • If you have a question about the warm-up, ask your neighbor….if they don’t know, move on to the next question.

  14. When I’m teaching • Give me your full attention. • Raise your hand to ask a question pertaining to the lesson. • DO NOT talk or make comments. • DO NOT get up for any reason. • Do Not put your head down. • Do Not fall asleep. • If you fall asleep, you will be given only ONE opportunity to wake-up before you are sent to the nurse’s office.

  15. Last 5-10 Minutes of Class • Update your calendar/planner with the day’s assignments • Return calculator • Return any allowed borrowed materials • Turn in earned tickets • Remain seated….I dismiss you, NOT the bell!!!!

  16. A little bit about you…… • We are going to play a game called “Two Truths and a Lie”. • Each person in the class is going to share two things that are true about them and one thing that isn’t. • The object is to guess which statement is “the lie”. • I will go first as an example. Can you guess which one of the statements about me is a lie? • I have been to Ireland on a missions trip. • I received straight A’s in high school. • I have been crowd surfing at a concert.

  17. Classroom Rules • Be prepared. • Follow all directions the first time they’re given. • Be on task. • Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. • Take care of all personal grooming outside of the classroom.

  18. Negative Consequences • Verbal Reminder • At Home Detention • Silent Lunch with an administrator • Office Referral * The consequence given will depend on the level of the offense.

  19. Positive Consequences – Raffle Friday Those students who follow the rules/procedures or show outstanding academic achievement will receive raffle ticket(s). Every Friday that we have class (every 2 weeks) I will draw 1 grand prize winner and 6 lucky runner-up winners. *winners must be present to win

  20. Positive Consequences – Raffle Friday Prizes • Soda • Snack • 1 Pass (bathroom, ½ homework, 10 free points on warm-up quiz or notebook check) The Grand prize winner will receive all 3 of the above prizes. The 6 runner-up students will receive only 1 of the above prizes. All other students will receive a piece of candy. *winners must be present to win

  21. Positive Consequences – Raffle Friday Free Time On Raffle Fridays, up to 15 minutes of free time will be granted IF it has been earned. How is it earned? • Being on task How can it be lost? • If my time is wasted, yours will be too! • 1st offense = exact time • 2nd offense = double time • 3rd offense = triple time

  22. Warm-ups 10% • They are the first assignment of each day • Follow directions: • copy the problem, show work, etc. • A different random student will be chosen to answer each question. • An incorrect answer = 1 raffle ticket • A correct answer = 2 raffle tickets • Make sure you make the necessary corrections to your paper because you will need them for warm-up quizzes. • Warm-up quizzes will typically occur every 5 warm-ups (2 weeks). Keep track of your warm-ups with the correct answers and you can make a 100%.

  23. Class Work 10% Class work basically defines itself…it is work that is done in class. You never know when it will show up in a notebook check for a grade….so stay focused and on task.

  24. Homework 10% Completion of homework is vitally important in order to be successful in my class. It provides the necessary on-going practice and refinement of mathematical skills that we have worked on together in class.

  25. Homework will be: • Given every class • Checked for completion most every class • I expect 100% effort and completion on homework. For full credit to be given, I must be able to see that the student completed at least 70% of the assignment. • Not accepted late • Homework is worked on in the support class and then reviewed in my following class. Students have the opportunity to see the answers, make corrections, and ask any questions that they may have. *Exception when an assignment is collected…it can be turned in for half credit (50%) within that unit or 1 month, whichever is longer. • One grade every two weeks (5 blocks) • An additional grade when called for in a notebook check and will be graded for accuracy. Cheating on homework is unacceptable!!!

  26. Notebook Checks (x 2) 10% • Notebook checks will typically occur at the end of an unit or packet. • Two random class work and two random homework assignments will be checked for accuracy and/or completion. • Coversheets with the assignments will be given the day prior to the check. • Staying organized is not an option! Every student must keep all unit work in their notebook. • 1 day late = -20 points; 2 days - 1 month late (or within the same unit) = 50% credit.

  27. Quizzes 25% & Tests 45% • Quizzes will be given as often as needed. • Unit tests will be given at the end of each unit. • Each student will have 3 opportunities for mastery of the standards. • Students will have opportunities to receive raffle tickets based on the grade they earned on their assessment. • Absent students will make an arrangement with the teacher for a make up time *support students will typically make up the assessment in support class.

  28. Make Up Work • When a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to get the assignments they missed from the calendar or from my website. • Make-up work is due by the 3rd block class from when the student returns to school. For example, a student is absent from Monday’s class and returns on Wednesday’s class. Wed – 1, Fri – 2, Tue – 3. It would be due by Tuesday. *Exceptions to this are at the end of a grading period.

  29. My Website www.tinyurl.com/9layson On this page you will find links to helpful information such as: • Calendar—view the class work and homework assignment, important dates for quizzes, tests, & projects • Forms—view the syllabus, tutoring schedule, or packet containing the class work and homework worksheets • Presentations—view my procedures, Open House, or notes presentations • Links—visit popular and helpful links for additional math practice

  30. 4th Period - Remind 101 Text OR E-mail 100m4@mail.remind101.com 4

  31. 8th Period - Remind 101 Text OR E-mail 100m8@mail.remind101.com 8

  32. 1st Period - Remind 101 Text OR E-mail 100m1@mail.remind101.com 1

  33. 6th Period - Remind 101 Text OR E-mail 100m6@mail.remind101.com 6

  34. 5th Period - Remind 101 Text OR E-mail

  35. 3rd Period - Remind 101 Text OR E-mail 100m3@mail.remind101.com 3

  36. Words of Wisdom • Come prepared! • Listen instead of talking! • Ask Questions! • Do all of your work! • Always do your homework! • Study!

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