modular displays and its types l.
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Modular Displays and its Types PowerPoint Presentation
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Modular Displays and its Types

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Modular Displays and its Types - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are wide varieties of modular displays available and each and every type has their own features. Modular exhibits makes you more comfort and also enhance you to exhibit your displays easily.

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Modular Displays and its Types

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Presentation Transcript
modular displays
Modular Displays
  • When considering modular displays things that come into one mind is
    • sophisticated custom look
    • Variety and versatility
    • Have more options from shelving to cabinets
    • Enhance you to add and remove the accessories easily
    • It is reconfigurable and can be set up in different shapes
    • Gives you more flexibility
  • As said above, there are different types of modular exhibits available and the forthcoming slides give you short idea about it
north star modular displays
North Star Modular Displays
  • It is one of the budget oriented display which are constructed of extruded aluminum and can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly
  • It is available with several options and designed to be used with dye fabric graphics
pro series displays
Pro Series Displays
  • Pro series modular display is a reconfigurable modular system bridge the gap between high-end Pop up displays and  low-end modular hybrid or modular systems for companies using a smaller booth at an expo.
  • It is available in different sizes and represent a great functionality and value and also it can be arranged in different heights and shapes
hi line modular displays
Hi-Line Modular Displays
  • Hi-Line modular display is a premium trade show exhibit provides an upscale look and style at a lower cost than other trade show displays.
  • It can accommodate a number of options, including shelves, tables, headers and monitor mounts. The Hi-Line doesn't require tools at the trade show venue for set up, minimizing your on-going operating costs.
aero modular displays
Aero Modular Displays
  • The Impact Aero is one of our most versatile graphic back walls. It can be used separately as a banner stand or it can form a semi-private enclosure as shown.
  • The Aero has a unique “top-to-bottom” roller that gives the base and graphic a very clean look.
legend panel displays
Legend Panel Displays
  • Legend is a folding panel system with a sturdy internal frame and a true internal flexible hinge – there is no external frame, enabling your graphics to "float" and giving your display a very clean look.
  • Legend is an innovative and distinctive portable exhibit system. Panels simply unfold and stack on top of each other to create the display. Legend's panels are constructed of a lightweight, yet sturdy laminated honeycomb composite board (Tricel) with internal framework for maximum durability.
contact us
Contact Us
  • For more information on these types of displays, visit

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