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Five Ws About Trade Show Displays PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Ws About Trade Show Displays

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Five Ws About Trade Show Displays - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information gathering is essential in trade shows and I hope five ws about trade show displays would help you to acquire the maximum information you need. As we all know that trade shows are concerned about how you display your product in an attractive way and in that aspect knowing about it would definitely increase your product exposure

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Five Ws About Trade Show Displays

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what is five ws
What is Five Ws?
  • Five Ws concept is a news style concept which is used to know some basic information. It consists of a check-list of six questions such as
          • Who
          • What
          • When
          • Where
          • Why
          • How

Let us see about trade show displays in this aspect. Lets first

start with what

  • What is called as trade show display and booth?

Trade show display is like a device which is designed with attractive graphics that are printed on varied range of surfaces and used in trade show conferences and events. Trade show booth is a place or area where you exhibit your product and it comprises of displays, banners and trade show accessories.

  • Why Trade Show Exhibits are Essential?

We know that business is a competetive field and in such a field, how you market your business matters. Trade show exhibits stands as the best marketing tool in your business in many ways since there are many options available. Also, you can easily finds the one that fits to your budget and helps to identify the audience who you are.

  • Where to get the trade show displays?

There are more dealers and manufacturers available in the market who sells different types of displays. You can get the display you need from them and find the leader in portable trade show displays and graphics with more years of experience so that you can get what you need.

  • Who is your target in trade shows?

Generally in trade shows, there are two types of audience and one is business audience and the other is general public. If your business is about targeting the major business concerns, then your objective is to intend them or if your business is concerned about general products that the public use, then you should aim them and attract them. If yours is both, then focus both.

  • When trade show displays get the complete look?

The trade show displays get the complete look when it has been designed and exhibited properly with appropriate trade show accessories and graphics. Only proper trade show graphics makes your display beautiful and attractive and also, when it has been exhibited with proper trade show accessories, your exhibit gets the look you need and stand distinct from your competitors in trade shows.

  • How many types of trade show displays are there?

There are different types of trade show displays available and they are banner stands, trade show podiums, counters, table top displays, pop up displays, fabric displays, hanging displays, tower displays truss displays, modular displays, panel displays and retail displays.


I hope you would have acquired some basic knowledge about trade show exhibits and exhibit your product with the best displays and catch the attention of the audience and increase your sales.

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