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This is a ant squid. PowerPoint Presentation
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This is a ant squid.

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This is a ant squid.
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This is a ant squid.

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  1. This is aant squid. g i Whenever or i e come after says g, g j.

  2. est The big squid ever found was 59 feet long. That’s almost as long as a school bus. g

  3. 5 tens + 9 ones = 59 50 + 9 = 59

  4. Giant squids are invertebrates. They don’t have bones. They arecarnivores. They eat meat. A group of squid is called a school.

  5. How big is a giant squid’s eye? It is a big as a baseball. It is a big as an elephant’s eye. It is a big as a beach ball.

  6. It is a big as a baseball. It is a big as an elephant’s eye. It is a big as a beach ball.

  7. Larg squid ever caught. e est

  8. phalopods live in the ocean. They are invertebrates. They do not have bones. Fishermen sometimes call them inkfish because they squirt ink. They have a lar C e head, and a set of arms or e g tentacles. Squid and octopuses are cephalopods. So are cuttlefish.

  9. C t fish have 8 arms and 2 tentacles. When they are frightened, they shoot out brown ink. ŭ t le 8 +2 10 2 +8 10 10 -8 2 10 -2 8

  10. They have a shell on the inside called a cuttlebone. They move by squirting water which is called jet propulsion.

  11. They breath through gills. What color is their blood? red no color purple

  12. red no color purple When there is oxy n mixed with the cuttlefish’s blood it is blue. g e

  13. It has 3 hearts. It has one heart for each of its 2 gills and the 3rd one to pump blood around its body. To find out how many hearts 8 cuttlefish have We would count by 3’s. 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24

  14. About 70% of our earth is covered with water. About 30% is covered by land. 7 tens or 70 3 tens or 30 >

  15. Many interesting animals live in the ocean. 3 tens and 9 ones = 39 30 + 9 = 39 Mega means lar g e. The megamouth shark is an extremely rare and unusual spees of deep water shark. It was discovered in 1976, only a few have ever been seen, with 39 spemens have been caught or sighted. c i c i

  16. The blind eel is often called the nast fish in the ocean. They are called blind because their small eyes don’t see in the complete darkness on the bottom of the ocean. y i est

  17. Blind eels have rcular mouths that they use to suck on their dead and living fish. They have teeth on their tongues that allow them to cut through their prey and eat them. c i

  18. They are also sometimes called slime eels because their skin makes a sticky slime. It makes up to a gallon at a time. It is used to suffocate predators by clogging their gills when they try to eat the eel. They belong to the family called clōstōmes which means they have no scales, no fins, no jaws, and a mouth shaped like a rcle. c y c i

  19. These stran fish live 5,600 feet down at the bottom of the ocean. g e How many hearts do blind eels have? 1 4 8

  20. This stran creature lives deep in the ocean where there is no light. It is called a hairy anglerfish. g e

  21. The hairs glow and act like lures. They attract prey in the blackness of the deep. It has light organs that make light. Scientists call making light in this way biolumines n . Fireflies can do this, too. e c c e

  22. The female is lar than the male. She is about the size of a football. The male is about the size of a ping pong ball. g e er

  23. It has a hu mouth and tiny eyes. Food is scar deep in the ocean. It uses its lure to attract prey. Then it opens its mouth and sucks in the prey. g e c e I know eyhas a long ā sound like day.

  24. Which one is true? Its stomach can expand so it can eat other fish big than itself. er g yes It has red skin which is invisible because red light does not penetrate deep in the ocean where it lives. yes It has supersensitive tentacles so it can feel vibrations in the water. yes

  25. Jumping spiders have good vision and use their eight eyes for hunting. They live in tropical forests, deserts, and even on mountains!

  26. They have even been found on Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. It is 29,029 feet above sea level.

  27. What number is in the tens pla in the number 29,029? e c 0 2 9