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WELCOME. ROMLUG February 17, 2005. Agenda. Manifesto Progress Product Roadmap GSC Training Vertical Features/News Product Feature Technology Decommission Announcements CUE 2005. Our Intent. Strengthen our position by focusing investments and resources on Manifesto initiatives:.

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Romlug february 17 2005



February 17, 2005


  • Manifesto Progress

  • Product Roadmap

  • GSC

  • Training

  • Vertical Features/News

  • Product Feature

  • Technology

  • Decommission Announcements

  • CUE 2005

Our intent
Our Intent

Strengthen our position by focusing investments and resources on Manifesto initiatives:

  • Deepen client loyalty

  • Deliver quality products clients need and want

  • Build staying power

  • Stay focused on our vertical markets

  • Align our organization to sharpen our focus

What we have done the first 100 days
What We Have Done the First 100 Days

  • Strengthened focus on clients and client loyalty

  • Strengthened focus on product and product roadmap

  • Building new organization to align with the Manifesto

    • Simplified structure for clearer accountabilities and greater operating effectiveness

    • Created a single, company-wide sales organization

    • Created a single, company-wide services organization

  • Strengthened focus on three revenue sources: license fees, maintenance, consulting services

  • Remained focused on our vertical markets

  • Strengthened alignment of product, marketing and sales

Introducing debra edlund lopez director client experience
Introducing…Debra Edlund-Lopez, Director Client Experience

  • Leveraging 20+ years of experience at Lawson Software

  • Focus to build understanding of the Manifesto in Action

    • Within Lawson

    • Within client base

    • Within partners

    • Assist Lawson departments with decisions to move the client experience closer to the goal

    • Lead specific project teams working on the client experience

  • Influence & collaborate

    • Link clients and employees in order to achieve our goals

  • Look for Deb @ CUE2005

Clients product people brand
Clients Product People Brand

  • Continuity of Care

  • Support and Client Care

  • Client Loyalty Measurement

  • Consulting Transformation

  • Created Seamless Account Transition (SAT) process

  • 5-phase process for account transition from sales through implementation to client care

  • SAT System in production, user training underway

  • Developing choices and options of client care based on varying client needs

  • Revamping the “Client Manager” aspect of our business to provide better care

  • Baseline established (TNS Prognostics)

  • On-going update schedule established

  • Executive management compensation tied to loyalty metrics

  • Consolidated all consulting services personnel into a single department

  • Hired EVP, Brad Callahan

  • Developing operation and service standards

Clients product people brand1
Clients Product People Brand

  • Product Roadmap

  • Technical Profile Manager System

  • Skip Upgrade Option

  • Completed realignment of product roadmap to Manifesto

  • Refined 12 month product schedule

  • Completed draft 3-year product roadmap

  • Implemented Technical Profile Manager system to analyze client hardware/software configurations for improved support and problem resolution

  • System live with beta clients

  • Reduce time to upgrade to 8.0 technology by providing a path to move clients directly from release 7.2 to 8.1

Manifesto in action client loyalty feedback
Manifesto in Action - Client Loyalty Feedback

  • Nearly 1/3 of respondents indicate that Lawson’s overall performance has improved over the past year:


    • “The software quality is better (8 is much better than 7).”

    • “The newer product version is much more stable and the update process is much easier.”

    • “Products are better aligning with the way we do business.”


    • “Lawson response to problems and access to information has increased for the better.”

    • “Help line support seems to be friendlier and better.”

    • “On-line support is an improvement.”


    • “Clients reps and account managers are more responsive”

    • “Account Management is greatly helping and reaching out to us. I have also seen a shift in the Lawson to be more sensitive to customer issues.”

    • “Lawson is focusing on what is important to the customer while balancing the financials.”

* Source: TNS Prognostics survey of 901 Lawson clients

Manifesto in action
Manifesto in Action

  • Learn more about “Manifesto in Action” success stories from client’s at CUE 2005.

Next 100 days
Next 100-days


  • Implement client loyalty recommendations and conduct pulse check

  • Services strategy and organization in place under new leadership

  • Accelerate continuity of client care initiatives under new leadership


  • Implement 3-year product roadmap

  • Extend TPM solution availability to expanded client base

  • Continue progress on CMMI initiative


  • Target high potential talent in marketplace

  • Launch comprehensive communication plan developed to ensure that employees internalize the Manifesto in Action (Unified Client Experience)


  • Implement targeted competitive marketing campaigns (e.g., JDE campaign)

  • Promote the Manifesto in Action through realized value client case studies

  • Continued emphasis on brand awareness

Global support center gsc
Global Support Center – GSC

support.lawson.com has been enhanced

  • New site

  • Case Management

  • Knowledge base changes

  • Lawson Interactive Support

-- 7 Years!

Global support center lawson profile manager lpm
Global Support Center – Lawson Profile Manager (LPM)

  • Is a comprehensive on-demand profiling product for complex application environments.

  • It enables Lawson’s GSC to be effective and efficient in isolating the root cause of problems within the environment.

  • LPM is a documentation solution

    • The product is designed to automate the process of gathering a snapshot of each client’s deployed Lawson environment and storing this information for use in a variety of service and support engagements.

Global support center lawson profile manager lpm1
Global Support Center – Lawson Profile Manager (LPM)

  • LPM is a Client’s Lawson Environment Management Tool

    • Returns a very usable map of how your Lawson Systems are Configured

    • Compare different point in time System snapshots

    • For management of the Systems

    • For faster resolution to support issues

  • LPM helps Lawson avoid asking our clients the same 20 questions about the Lawson environment each support sessionby automating this process

Web based training library wbtl
Web Based Training Library - WBTL


  • More courses for Lawson product suites

  • More courses for Lawson new products

  • More flexible pricing responsive to customers who use just one or two product suites

  • Call your Client Manager for more information

  • Lawson financial services events
    Lawson Financial Services Events

    • Tower Group Annual Conference

      • May 20, 2005

      • Boston, MA

    • BAI Profitability and Performance Management

      • May 23-25, 2005

      • Miami, FL

    • IASA 76th Annual Educational Conference and Business Show

      • June 05-08, 2005

    Lawson government education update
    Lawson Government & Education Update

    • Did You Know? According to the 2004 Digital States Survey conducted by the Center for Digital Government:

      • 3 of the Top 6 Digital States (MI, AZ, SD) are Lawson customers?

      • No other ERP software vendor can claim more than one!

    • Upcoming Events:

      • Platinum Sponsor of the Association of School Business Officials 2005 Leadership Conference “Celebrating the Success of Children”, February 10-12, 2005, Boston, MA

      • Texas Association of School Business Officials Conference, February 28-March 4, 2005, Austin, TX

      • California Association of School Business Officials Conference, April 10-14, 2005, Anaheim, CA

      • Illinois Association of School Business Officials Conference, May 4-6, 2005, St. Charles, IL

    Lawson healthcare product update
    Lawson Healthcare Product Update

    • Lawson Mobile Supply Chain Management

      • Generally available (GA) October 15, 2004.

        • Lawson Receiving and Delivery (RAD)

        • Par and Cycle Counting 3.1

        • Surgical Instrument Management (SIM) 4.0

      • We have successfully completed our two betas.

        • Gundersen Lutheran in LaCrosse, Wis., is live on SIM 4.0.

        • BryanLGH in Lincoln, Neb., will soon go live on RAD.

    • Lawson Reporting Suite

      • Progress on services model for LRS

        • Identified and prioritized client commitments

        • Started preparing practice managers and project managers to lead engagements

        • Defined implementation roles

        • Began training staff

        • Selected and engaged two partners (Answerthink and Deloitte Consulting).

      • The 2nd LRS Product Advisory Council meeting was held in early December.

    Lawson healthcare upcoming events
    Lawson Healthcare Upcoming Events

    • HIMSS 2005 Annual Conference and Exhibition

      • Dallas, TX, February 13-17, 2005

      • Watch for updates on show strategy, participation opportunities and the client party.

    Lawson industry markets events
    Lawson Industry Markets Events

    • CFO Rising

      • March 14-15, 2005

      • The Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida

    • Gartner Midsize Enterprise Summit

      • April 17-20, 2005

      • New Orleans, LA

    • American Payroll Assoc. Annual Convention & Trade Show

      • May 4-5, 2005

      • San Diego

    Lawson retail product update
    Lawson Retail Product Update

    • Store Operations, GA, September 2004

    • Merchandising 2.12, GA, September 2004

    • Shopping Missions InSight 1.0, September 2004

    • Store Performance InSight 1.1, October 2004

    Lawson retail upcoming events
    Lawson Retail Upcoming Events

    • Marketechnics

      • February 13-15, 2005

      • Washington D.C.

    • Retail Systems

      • May 24-26, 2005

      • Chicago

    Q305 releases
    Q305 Releases

    • Lawson Payables

      • Smart Reconciliation

      • Core Matching Enhancements

    • Services Automation Version 5.2

      • Services Automation

      • Time Management

      • Expense Management

      • Offline Access (Time Management and Expense Management)

      • Portfolio Management

    Core matching enhancements

    Enhancements to Auto Match Output

    PO Receipt Archival

    Reconciliation Filter

    Inv Message Listing

    PO Comments

    Process Flows and Triggers

    AOC Reporting

    Core Matching Enhancements

    • AOC Match

    • Prepayment Processing

    • Quantity Tolerances

    • Chargeback Numbering

    • More Lines on Invoice Detail Entry Screen

    • Combining of Invoice Detail Entry Screens

    • Net vs. Gross Discounts

    • Float Days

    • Ship to Arrive Date

    • Flexible Terms

    • Tax Code for PO Invoices

    • Tax Detail on Chargebacks

    Product strategy
    Product Strategy

    Total Product Quality





    Contiguous Care

    Consulting Enablement

    Strengthen Core

    Extend Product

    Technology Advancement

    Product Roadmap

    Client Care

    Product planning process
    Product Planning Process

    Define Initiatives

    Evaluate Initiatives

    Prioritize & Balance

    Match Resources

    Manage Portfolio

    Product Management

    Industry Marketing

    Product Council

    Research &




    Romlug february 17 2005

    What’s on the Product Roadmap – Product Strategy

    New products that address the needs of an evolving market

    New products that add value to existing investments

    Client centric development process

    Extend the Value

    Regulatory and maintenance enhancements

    Consistent, Intuitive User Experience

    Simplified installation and administration

    Regional User Group prioritized product improvements

    Strengthen the Core

    Investment Protection

    Leverage Industry Standards

    Performance and Scalability

    Data access and broad user adoption

    Advances in Technology

    External communication statement of direction

    Lawson will communicate high-level roadmap projects via Statement of Direction

    Statement of Direction documents will be accessible on support.lawson.com

    What’s Included in an SOD ?

    Project Description

    General Project Overview

    Description of planned product features

    External Communication: Statement of Direction

    Currently shipping
    Currently Shipping Statement of Direction

    • UNIX/NT

      Version 8.0.3 apps, MSP#8, 8.0.3 Env/ESP#1

      Download for ESP#3 Apps., MSP #4 (must be on 8.0.3 Env)

      ESP#3 Available via download.

    • AS400, iSeries

      Cyclical now available.

      Version 8.0.3, MSP #2 DL, Env 8.0.3 ESP#3 DL

      Request from CM, Delivered via CD.


    Technology Statement of Direction

    Technology update
    Technology Update Statement of Direction

    • Version 8.1 Technology Release

      • Currently looking at potential lead adopter’s

      • No release date announced

      • Release includes

        • New Lawson Security

        • Performance and scalability enhancements

        • Support for J2EE application servers

        • New product – ProcessFlow Integrator

        • Major enhancements to ProcessFlow Professional and BCI

        • Performance and user experience enhancements to Lawson Portal

    Technology update1
    Technology Update Statement of Direction

    • Version 8.1 applications on iSeries/AS400

      • Scheduled for delivery in 2nd half, CY2005

      • Will feature skip upgrade from 7.2 to 8.1

      • Same new features same as 8.1x on UNIX/Win2K—see Knowledgebase and search on “New Features”

      • Betas still needed

      • No decommission date set currently

    Decommission announcements

    Decommission Announcements Statement of Direction

    Decommission announcements1
    Decommission Announcements Statement of Direction

    3rd Party Technology Products

    • Sun Solaris, Version 7, Decommission date 8/15/05

    • Sybase, Version 12, Decommission date 4/30/05

    • Microsoft IIS, Version 5, Decommission date 4/30/05

    • MQ Series, Version 5.2, Decommission date 4/30/05

    • Microsoft Office 2000, Decommission date 8/31/05

    • IBM iSeries server sys.,V5R2, Dec. date 9/30/05

    • Informix data base will not be supported on Lawson 8.1 Env.

    Client user exchange cue

    Client User Exchange - CUE Statement of Direction

    Cue 2005 6
    CUE 2005/6 Statement of Direction

    • San Diego, California

      May 8 – 11, 2005

      Orlando, Florida

      April 8 –12, 2006

    Cue registration information
    CUE Registration Information Statement of Direction

    Registration Pricing Schedule:

    • $1650 January 16 – March 31

    • $1750 April 1 – On site registration

    • Register at www.lawson.com/events

    • Registration questions: 888-283-7270

    Romlug february 17 2005

    THANK YOU Statement of Direction

    Your Name

    Toni Kennedy