A Culture of Health
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A Culture of Health. City of Kansas City, MO. Background A Culture of Health Personal Outcomes Wellness Programs Rewards Resources. AGENDA. Background. In January 2002, the City Council adopted Resolution NO. 02003, a Health and Productivity Management Initiative.

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A culture of health

A Culture of Health

City of Kansas City, MO

A culture of health

  • Background

  • A Culture of Health

  • Personal Outcomes

  • Wellness Programs

  • Rewards

  • Resources


A culture of health


  • In January 2002, the City Council adopted Resolution NO. 02003, a Health and Productivity Management Initiative.

  • This resolution was developed under the leadership of the Benefits Committee in collaboration with the City's Health Department, Fire Department and City Unions.

A culture of health


The City’s Wellness Team

  • Wellness Coordinator

  • Registered Dietician

  • Fire Department Wellness Coordinator

  • Human Resources Wellness Liaison

  • Department Wellness Ambassadors

  • Fitness Centers (Fitness Source & Community Centers)

  • Corporate Safety & Health Departments

  • Vendor Partners (EAP, health insurance, vision provider, financial planning & marketing vendors)

A culture of health

A Culture of Health

Goals of the wellness program:

  • To have employees be healthy in mind, body & spirit

  • Help employees balance work and personal life

  • Control the rising cost of medical benefits

A culture of health

A Culture of Health

  • Support from the Top

    • KC Health Care Trust

      • Consists of Council, Retiree and Union representatives

      • Manages the City’s insurance plan and other benefits

      • Regular Wellness Updates at monthly meetings

    • Mayor James speaks at and participates in kickoff walks

    • City Manager & Directors

      • Regular Wellness Updates at Directors Meetings

      • City Manager participates in programs, sends out letter of support for annual programs and speaks at kickoff events

A culture of health

A Culture of Health

In 2009, the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) honored the City’s Fountain of Health Wellness Program with a prestigious gold level award. WELCOA recognized the City as one of America’s healthiest organizations for its commitment and dedication to improving the health of City employees.

A culture of health


  • Wellness is engrained in the culture

    • 30-35% participation rates in annual Health Fairs

    • 1,200 employees in annual weight loss program

    • Many City employees get their regular preventative screenings and well adult exams

    • Employees indicated on 2011 Health Culture Audit that they feel the City does support a healthy workplace

A culture of health

Personal Outcomes

  • Screenings Save Lives

    • By offering regular screenings employees often learn of serious health issues that they were previously unaware of

    • Blood Pressure Screenings

      • In several cases employees have been sent straight to the ER

    • Annual Health Fairs

      • Employees are encouraged to visit their PCP for follow up

A culture of health

“I never thought I would be one of those people who loved to work out. Will wonders never cease? Kathy Barry told me that I would learn to love it, she was right!”

“Thank you, City of Kansas City for implementing such a wonderful wellness program and Fitness Source. I’m on a mission and success is my goal!”

Personal Outcomes

“Thanks for all you do to help keep us fit and healthy. I truly love the information and the variety of programs. Because of the information provided I am more cautious of what I am eating and feeding to my family.”

“The wellness program is one of my favorite benefits of working for the City! Thanks for all the encouragement, motivation and teachings!”

“I am pleased to report that I have lost 11 pounds since the weigh in earlier this year.  Please keep the great challenges coming.”

A culture of health

Wellness Programs

  • 8 Week Incentive Programs

  • Monthly Challenges

  • Classes (onsite & online)

  • Health Fairs (screenings & HRA)

  • Flu Clinics

  • Health Screenings (blood pressure & diabetes)

  • Employee Clinic

  • Fitness Center

  • Coaching (telephonic & onsite)

  • Tobacco Cessation Programs

  • Nutrition Consultations

A culture of health

Program Topics

  • Tobacco Cessation

  • Weight Management

  • Healthy Eating

  • Healthy Cooking Classes

  • Stress Management

  • Ergonomics

  • Disease Management

  • Blood Pressure Screenings

  • Diabetes Screenings

  • Flu Shots

  • And many more…

A culture of health

Wellness Programs


  • Highlights employees who have taken strides toward healthy living

  • Featured in City wide publications

  • Awarded a $25 gift card and motivational plaque

A culture of health

Wellness Programs


  • Fall walking program

  • January New Year’s resolution program

  • Annual weight loss/maintenance program

  • Summer fruit and veggie challenge

A culture of health

Wellness Programs

  • Health Care Trust Employee Clinic

    • Urgent Walk-in-Care

    • Open to Employees on City’s Insurance

    • Preventative Health Screenings

    • Vaccinations

    • Physical Exams

    • Allergy Management

    • No copyay or deductible

A culture of health


  • Gift Cards

    • Earn a $50 gift card for participating in annual Health Fairs

    • Earn a $50 gift card for maintaining or losing weight in the Choose to Lose program

    • $5 Token’s to River Market for produce

    • Healthiest Department Challenge

A culture of health


  • Local

    • Saint Luke’s Health System

    • Mid America Coalition on Healthcare (MACHC)

    • Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)

    • My Contact Information

    • http://kcmo.org/fountainofhealth

    • Gwen.Dunlap@kcmo.org 816.513.1386