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Haiku 4 U. Reading Response. Please print this slide show, follow the directions, and staple it to your reading response. What It Is.

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Haiku 4 U

Reading Response

Please print this slide show, follow the directions, and staple it to your reading response.

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What It Is

  • A Haiku 4 U allows a reader to interact with the text by analyzing the importance of a particular passage by reducing it to the five, seven, five syllable pattern of a Haiku poem.

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How to Do It

  • For a reading assignment, find the four most important passages in the text.

  • Reduce the passage to a five, seven, five syllable pattern.

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How to Do It

  • The passage must be at least one sentence long

  • The passage should not be more than one page long

  • Do not change the author’s original words; just reduce them to the five, seven, five syllable pattern

  • The passage must represent one message, theme, idea, etc.

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Find an Image

  • For each Haiku you’ve created, find or create an image that symbolizes the poem

  • On the top of the image, write the five syllables

  • On the right of the image, write the seven syllables

  • On the bottom of the image, write the final five syllables

  • On the left of the image, parenthetically cite your source

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  • Cited passages must represent one common message, theme, idea, etc.

  • Must use the author’s original words

  • Haiku must follow the five, seven, five syllable pattern

  • Image must directly symbolize the Haiku

  • Must be in color

  • No lined paper

  • Be creative, even unusual

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Obeying your will

Sweat broke out on back


(Orwell 292).

Started a shock of horror

Power is inflicting pain

Julia, my love!



Part III Chapters 3 & 4

Two and two make five

Felt himself helpless


Sanity statistical

Human being defeated


Wrote God is power

A Priests’ power

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Printing Directions

  • On the tool bar, click on “File,” click on “Print.”

  • In the “Print” dialogue box, in the lower left corner under “Print What,” click on the drop down arrow and select “Handouts.”

  • Then, under “Color/Grayscale,” select the best on for your printer.

  • Next, under “Handouts,” click on “Slides per Page,” and choose “9.”

  • Lastly, click on “OK,” and the file will print.

  • Staple Directions to your assignment.

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How to Grade a Haiku 4 U

  • Each verse = 5 points

  • Each parenthetical citation = 5 points

  • Each image = 5 points

  • Write a two sentence evaluation focusing on comprehension, analysis, and evaluation

    • First, state what skill you did well in one sentence

    • Then, state what skill you could do better, differently, or improve upon next time