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UHH Research. Functions, Challenges and Organization. UHH Grants and Contracts (x1000). Source: http://www.hawaii.edu/iro/ 2004. UHH Extramural Fund (x1000). Source: RCUH Hilo 2003. UHH ‘03-’04 RTRF Allocation. UHH ‘03-’04 RTRF Distribution after Fixed Cost.

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UHH Research

Functions, Challenges and Organization

Uhh grants and contracts x1000 l.jpg
UHH Grants and Contracts (x1000)

Source: http://www.hawaii.edu/iro/ 2004

Chris Lu

Uhh extramural fund x1000 l.jpg
UHH Extramural Fund (x1000)

Source: RCUH Hilo 2003

Chris Lu

Uhh rtrf distribution 2001 03 l.jpg
UHH RTRF Distribution 2001-03

Chris Lu

Uhh focus l.jpg
UHH Focus

  • Building Strategic Alliance to Increase Sponsored Program Activity

  • Integration of research and graduate education

  • Increasing Faculty Proposal Writing Productivities

  • Service and Support to PIs

  • Organizing Research Office

Chris Lu

Research functions l.jpg
Research Functions

  • Sponsored Research

  • Contracts & Grants

  • RTRF to PIs

  • Seed Grant

  • Research Relations Grant

  • Travel Grant

  • Matching

  • Infrastructure

Chris Lu

Pre award sponsored research l.jpg
Pre-Award (Sponsored Research)

  • Grant resource

  • Funding opportunities

  • Government, state and private agencies

  • Foundations

  • Research relations

Chris Lu

Pre award sponsored research10 l.jpg
Pre-Award (Sponsored Research)

  • Grant Strategy

  • Grant Writing

  • Internal Review

  • Grant Submission

  • Grant Resubmission

Chris Lu

Pre award sponsored research11 l.jpg
Pre-Award (Sponsored Research)

  • University research policies and procedures

  • Electronic forms

  • Deadlines

  • Subscription services human subjects, animal care and use, and other compliance information

Chris Lu

Post award contracts grants l.jpg
Post-Award (Contracts & Grants)

  • Grant Negotiation

  • Receiving Award

  • Implementation

  • Personnel

  • Purchasing

  • Fiscal Management

  • Compliance

Chris Lu

Post award contracts grants13 l.jpg
Post-Award (Contracts & Grants)

  • Establish new accounts for sponsored projects

  • Establish cost share accounts

  • Establish program income accounts

  • Process Budget Transfers for sponsored projects, including initial budgets, additional funding on existing accounts, and budget conversions

  • Review and approve Purchase Requisitions, Expenditure Transfer Forms, and Tuition Waivers on sponsored projects

Chris Lu

Post award contracts grants14 l.jpg
Post-Award (Contracts & Grants)

  • Invoice sponsors

  • Collect revenue from sponsors and follow up on outstanding invoices

  • Reconcile cash balances on sponsored projects

  • Monitor the amount of cost share met on sponsored projects

Chris Lu

Post award contracts grants15 l.jpg
Post-Award (Contracts & Grants)

  • Prepare and submit financial reports to sponsors

  • Prepare and submit property reports to sponsors

  • Close out sponsored projects

  • Provide guidance on financial compliance issues for sponsored projects

  • Establish policies and procedures concerning the post award administration of sponsored projects

Chris Lu

Post award contracts grants16 l.jpg
Post-Award (Contracts & Grants)

  • Provide training on grants management topics

  • Monitor subrecipients

  • Serve as a liaison with federal, state, sponsor, and internal auditors

  • Develop and negotiate the University’s indirect cost rate proposal

Chris Lu

Uhh challenges l.jpg
UHH Challenges

  • Administrative Support for PIs

  • ORS Flexibility & Efficiency

  • Certification Committees

  • Streamlining the Service

  • Research Space and Facilities

  • University Research Position

  • Too Many Signatures for Form 1

  • Sustainable Growth

Chris Lu

Organizational issues l.jpg
Organizational Issues

  • Do we need an organization structure to provide a streamlined support service?

  • A full time leader for overall research coordination?

  • RCUH Hilo Director for grant resource, grant development, and serve as a deputy to the leader?

Chris Lu

Organizational issues19 l.jpg
Organizational Issues

  • A fiscal officer for RTRF administration, infrastructure building and matching?

  • A secretary for office support?

  • RCUH Hilo Clerk: Pre-award

  • RCUH Hilo Clerk: Post-award

  • EPSCoR Director for grant administration and grant development?

Chris Lu

Organizational issues20 l.jpg
Organizational Issues

  • STEM Director for faculty development, student development and instructional development?

  • Na Pua No’Eau Director for student development and student recruitment?

  • Upward Bound Director for student development and student recruitment?

  • A grant writer?

Chris Lu

Other issues l.jpg
Other Issues

  • RTRF Allocation

  • Intellectual Properties

  • Technology Transfer

  • University Park

Chris Lu

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Chris Lu